"Theo is a train at 2000 per hour, you have to get out of the way"

Kalulu, Milan's right-back, looks to the former Real Madrid and Atlético player as an example to grow. "Impress, we tell him in the locker room," he says.


Theo has found maturity at Milan. The former Real Madrid and Atlético player is considered the best left-back in Serie A and continues to grow. Maldini convinced him to accept the offer he presented and he was not mistaken. His progression is important, despite the fact that Deschamps still does not call him for the senior team. Theo has not found that award, the coach has not considered rewarding his evolution and in Italy it surprises.

Theo has become one of Milan's leaders, a heavyweight in the locker room for his performance and character. So much so that it has become the example to follow even for colleagues. Kalulu, Milan's right-back, looks to the former Real Madrid player as an example to grow. He arrived in the summer from Lyon and the 20-year-old defender is in awe of Theo. "Personally, I am impressed. Watching him play from the bench in any game is something that shocks you. When he grabs the ball, turns and you see him run, you have the impression of being in front of a train. That's what we tell him in the locker room", affirms the French. "You can't get in front of him. He goes 2000 an hour. But it's not just about running, he has impressive technique and passing quality. When you reach that level, you necessarily want to join your national team. Sooner or later he will go. there, even if the competition is great, "adds Kalulu during an interview on Eurosport.

Theo has gone from being a prospect in danger who did not finish focusing to being a player who also infects on the field. Milan are not going through the best moment of the year. The plague of injuries and problems with Covid have made him lose strength in his fight with Inter for the league title. Theo has been prosecuted for a publication on Twitter against the Milan-Naples referee, whom he accused of not charging a penalty committed on him.

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