"That is never a penalty"

Rafa Mir was hit by the hand of Ter Stegen. This is how Iturralde sees it in Carrusel: "It's a touch, not to throw it away. Football is about contact."


Cordero Vega pointed to a controversial penalty on the edge of halftime in the match between Barcelona and Huesca at the Camp Nou. The local team was comfortable after the goals of Messi and Griezmann, but in the discount saw how the referee gave the maximum penalty for a highly protested demolition of Ter Stegen on Rafa Mir.

The striker entered the auction after a delivery from the right side. The goalkeeper went out to avoid it and touched him lightly with his hand to make it difficult for him to shoot. Finally, the ball was lost on the baseline. Cordero Vega whistled a penalty, to the surprise of the Barça players, who were very critical of the decision. Melero López, from the VAR, did not call his partner to see him on the screen. The game was stopped for just over a minute, while it was checked whether the Huesca attacker was ahead. The replay showed that he was in line and from above they did not want to question the decision of the field referee.

Iturralde González, referee for AS and Carrusel Deportivo, analyzed the action live: "Nothing. It is never a penalty. It does not involve a card. It is a touch, not to shoot. The VAR does not have to look for an image to support an arbitration decision. Football is contact. At no time is it to whistle a penalty. If you run like Rafa Mir and they hit you with their hand on the leg they hit you a terrible blow. The VAR did not come to help the referee but to help football. VAR is used to support erroneous arbitration decisions. And I think that is the error. The VAR came to remove gross errors in football and not to search for an image where you can support an arbitration error ".

Photos from as.com
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