"Zaragoza is going to save itself"

Víctor Muñoz, César Láinez and Víctor Fernández, who faced similar situations in these eight years in the Second Division, do not doubt the permanence and highlight the experience and value of JIM.


This is the fourth time in these eight consecutive seasons in the Second Division that Real Zaragoza is immersed in a dramatic fight to avoid relegation to Second B and avoid its disappearance. He went through the same in the 2013-14, 2016-17 and 2018-19 campaigns, and in all of them he managed to maintain the category thanks to the direction of Víctor Muñoz, César Láinez and Víctor Fernández, three coaches from Zaragoza who are very aware of the news of the Aragonese club and that, to AS's questions, they do not doubt that Zaragoza will achieve the permanence of the hand of Juan Ignacio Martínez, whom they consider as the key to a salvation that will be suffered until the end of the championship.

"Zaragoza are going to be saved. Honestly, I don't see him looking to be relegated, and I watch all his games. He is in a difficult situation, but he has an expert coach, who knows what to do even with the wickers he has" , says Víctor Muñoz, who had to face a similar situation in the 2013-14 season, when Paco Herrera was fired on matchday 30, after a strong defeat in Ponferrada (4-2) and when the team was two points behind. the border of descent. In that campaign, Zaragoza did not reach mathematical permanence until the penultimate matchday, when they tied one goal with Sporting de Gijón in La Romareda.

"The team - Víctor Muñoz adds - has improved since the arrival of JIM. A victory in Vallecas would have perhaps marked a turning point, and now it will take him more time to come out of the bottom, but he will come out. The situation is again on the edge, but I see five or six teams worse. The union of the dressing room is fundamental at the moment ".

César Láinez abounds in similar arguments: "We will have to suffer until the end, but I want to believe that Zaragoza will not be relegated. he blames it, since the team has been suffering all season and is used to playing to the limit almost every game. There are several teams that believe they are saved and they are not. "

Láinez had a very difficult situation in the 2016-17 season, when after the 30th matchday he relieved Raúl Agné, in turn substitute for Luis Milla, with the team in free fall, and achieved mathematical salvation on the penultimate matchday at draw at Girona (1-1) .

"I am convinced that Zaragoza will be saved, although we will have to suffer and row until the last days", highlights Víctor Fernández, main architect of the permanence in the 2018-19 campaign, when he took over the team after the 18th day and the missteps of Imanol Idiákez and Lucas Alcaraz.

And thus justifies his firm conviction: "Zaragoza is a team with insecurities, but that, within its complicated situation, competes in all games. And that is very important and the result of the great management of its coach. very noticeable and difficult to correct, except with an extraordinarily tight collective operation. No part can be misaligned, because there are no great specialists in any line of equipment ".

In the aforementioned year 2018-19, Zaragoza obtained its mathematical permanence two days from the end, despite losing 3-1 at La Rosaleda.

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