"Odegaard is a bulldog"

England rave about the Norwegian Arsenal, not only for his quality with the ball but also for his sacrifice without it.


In the absence of magic, compromise. Martin Odegaard, who is still struggling to take control of Arsenal - something normal, on the other hand, considering his age and that he has only been in England for two months - has shown that in his feet and in his head he has something more than football. He has a dedication and a claw that, in the Premier, fall in love beyond any natural talent, and more if it is seen as clearly as it happened yesterday in the North London derby.

A his 97% success rate in the pass and his goal, the Norwegian added a defensive commitment that led him to be the second player on his team that more tackles managed to do against a rival, something that has not gone unnoticed by the English media or for your coach. "His work rate is incredible," Arteta summed up after the game. “He has spectacular stamina and talent, but not only that, but he's also smart. He knows how to measure his careers, he knows when to push… I am very impressed with his performance, he has been incredible, he has given us something different and that has made us better. ”

English media such as The Telegraph, meanwhile, have also wanted to compare him with another former Real Madrid player who, no matter how much he became for the entity, never knew how to give him that pinch of commitment that the Norwegian is getting. “Özil can recognize many of his qualities in him if he sees him in what was his old position at Arsenal. Martin Odegaard can be an artist like Özil, but he can also be an animal. During Sunday's game, the Norwegian, who is a delicate organizer, responded to each confrontation by transforming into a bulldog that chased the ball until his last breath. ”

Photos from as.com
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