Irving and Harden pass the drink to some fighters Timberwolves

For the Nets, who had the game under control, the end was choked. The Timberwolves, with the two weak Spaniards but with a great Towns, fought it.


Good game for the Timberwolves against a bull from the quality ranches. The king of the party, even. The Nets had to sweat to win against an opponent who is the red lantern of the opposing conference and has thrown the season a long time ago. Before Kevin Durant returns and LaMarcus Aldridge arrives they want to continue tying games and this is how they took him out by overtaking, squeezing and grabbing him by the chest because he was escaping them. Those from Brooklyn were ahead, 112-107, against a worthy rival who already plays with little pressure. The poor performance of the Spanish Ricky Rubio and Juancho Hernangómez did not undermine their team too much, who fought to win until the final minute.

The locals already put their foot on the accelerator as soon as they started. Especially with Irving, also with appearances by Harden. The Wolves held the guy for a few minutes and began to suffer before the end of the first quarter, which already left a difference of twelve on the scoreboard that seemed unflattering. A small pull from Beasley and Edwards did not end the lead, which was again placed at twelve to four minutes to the break. The distance was maintained despite the fact that Towns was already shown as a force to be reckoned with, not only because of his plays in the post but because of what he could generate if Green was not the one who defended him on the outside.

The game changed level again after passing through the changing rooms. Laxity when defending by the locals and surprise. The Wolves got to four with apparent ease. Harden was forced to act and give another jerk, but the image was bad. Minnesota had a free hand to shoot outside and also hit up and down to win the fumbles. The quality of the Nets' bearded point guard made the distance grow again, to thirteen this time, but it was a mirage. They were slow to find themselves in trouble, but they did. Towns' struggle took effect and infected his teammates. They got one. Edwards missed the additional of a foul play and then a clearing action to first tie and then win the match in the last minute, with Malik Beasley missing the shot that gave them an option for extra time later.

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