Inter escapes in Serie A

The Nerazzurri won 2-1 in Parma on Alexis' double and increased their lead over Milan, now to six points.


Sixth consecutive win for Inter, which is confirmed as the fittest team in Serie A and, over time, the strongest, most solid and constant. With the away win over Parma, their lead over Milan rises to six points and remains ten over Juventus and Atalanta. It is the first flight to the scudetto of this championship. And it could be the final one.

The Calcio leader was visiting the penultimate of the table, but in the first half that was hardly noticed. Those of Conte, who started with Alexis instead of Lautaro, left the initiative to those of D'Aversa, who touched 1-0 with Kurtic and a strange header from Dennis Man.

The Nerazzurri were mainly seen with the arrivals of an unstoppable Achraf, who combined with Lukaku, got rid of Valenti and crossed for Eriksen, although his play was so fast that not even the Dane managed to touch the ball before the empty goal.

In the beginning of the resumption, however, the Milanese opened the can with some luck. After a pass from Brozovic to Lukaku, the ball bounced off Alexis' zone, whose shot was cleared by Gagliolo on the goal line, but a few inches late, signaled by Hawkeye. In 62 ', in addition, Lukaku, always the protagonist, put together one of his unstoppable counterattacks and again assisted the Chilean, who took advantage of the hand in hand at the first touch.

When everything seemed calm for the interisti, a beautiful play by the locals complicated the end of the game. Hernani turned a good center from Pezzella into 2-1, and Parma spent the last 20 minutes trying to get a arreón that did not cause scares in Handanovic's area again. The Nerazzurri leadership is strengthened day after day.

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