Injuries, cards and selection dates complicate March

Gallego loses Guille Rosas, is still without Cumic, has Fuego and Manu García under threat of suspension and may be without Djurdjevic at the end of the month.


The season is moving towards its decisive dates and, in this sense, March may be key to Sporting's aspirations. David Gallego looks to the future with some concern because injuries, cards and even the dates reserved for the national teams could end up complicating the month for the rojiblanco team.

For the moment, Gallego has just learned that he will not be able to count on Guille Rosas, who suffers a tear in the hamstrings of his right leg and will be low all month, because his recovery is estimated between three and four weeks. And to this absence is added that Nikola Cumic is still out and is ruled out for Sunday's game in Ponferrada.

In that match in El Toralín, the top scorer, Uros Djurdjevic, will not be sanctioned for accumulating cautions. But the game against Espanyol left two other important men on the brink of suspension. Javi Fuego and Manu García saw the fourth yellow card and will therefore play the next match under threat of suspension when the next match will be in El Molinón against the leader Mallorca.

Sporting today has four players who accumulate four warnings, on the verge of suspension: Borja López and Nikola Cumic are the other two in the same situation as Javi Fuego and Manu García. But to those four we must add five players with three yellows, that is, also close to suspension; These are the injured Guille Rosas, Saúl, Pedro Díaz, Carmona and Aitor García.

Y, as if that were not enough for a team with a very tight staff, Sporting is waiting to know the calls for the national team matches at the end of the month. In the next few hours, Uros Djurdjevic could become Serbia's main novelty for the matches against the Republic of Ireland (March 24), Portugal (March 27) and Azerbaijan (March 30).

Serbian coach Dragan Stojkovic announced a few days ago that there will be "news and surprises" on the imminent list for those qualifying matches for the Qatar World Cup. Djuka is the Serbian scorer with the best figures this season and nobody doubts in the Balkan country that it could be one of those novelties that the coach has announced.

A Djuka must be added the unknown of Manu García and Pedro Díaz with the U-21. Both are in the pre-list for the European of the category. The coach Luis de la Fuente will announce in the next few hours the call for the three matches at the end of this month and, therefore, the sportinguistas have options to enter, with greater possibilities for Manu García due to his moment of form.

This is the panorama that is presented to Sporting in this month of March. Ponferradina (March 7), Mallorca (14-M), Sabadell (21-M), Alcorcón (28-M) and Rayo Vallecano (31-M) are the rivals of David Gallego's team this month. Especially relevant are the games against Ponferradina and Rayo, rivals in the fight for promotion playoff spots.

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