Illusion and faith against the epidemic

Granada, with 13 casualties and only 11 available field players, are looking for the quarterfinals of the Europa League against Molde. Gonalons, Eteki and Vallejo, between cottons.


Everything to the Europa League. With 33 points and 12 league games ahead of him to add the ten remaining to ensure one more year in the elite, Diego Martínez and his players are clear that, today, the priority is to stay aboard their wonderful European crossing. Illusion and faith are the flags of this EuroGranada that has turned the deeds into routine and for which there is no other horizon than the quarterfinals of the Europa League (follow the game live on .

El Molde is not Naples, although it has more continental baggage than the Nasrids and comes from eliminating the German Hoffenheim. A cover letter to consider. But the Norwegian club has never been seen in a European round of 16 either. And they do not suffer the epidemic that has taken over the rojiblanco dressing room.

Y is that Diego Martínez faces the game with 13 casualties and only 11 available field players, three of them (Vallejo, Gonalons and Eteki) touched. To this must be added that the UEFA regulations only allow three players with the subsidiary's number to be summoned.

From the stands he will be followed by the unregistered Quini, Fede Vico, Quina and Adrián Marín, as well as the sanctioned Montoro, Germán and Yangel Herrera and the injured Luis Suárez, Luis Milla, Soro, Darwin Machís, Carlos Neva and the youth squad Pepe. "Competing to the fullest" was once again Diego's motto at the press conference prior to the crash. The Galician served 1,000 days yesterday at the head of Granada. 1,000 days of wine and roses. Of full happiness.

The drawing depends largely on the state of Gonalons, Eteki and Vallejo. If all three can be from the game, the question will be to know if the scheme will be with three centrals and two cheekbones or if Vallejo will advance his position to the midfield. If any of the three are not ready to start, the young Isma Ruiz or the 4-4-2 are the alternatives.

El Molde, the birthplace of Haaland, the fashionable forward, will entrust almost everything to the inspiration of Eikrem and Aursnes. The Norwegian championship has been stopped for weeks and Moe's men have prepared the tie in Benidorm. The rooms await. And the illusion to continue making history continues intact in Granada.


Absences: Diego Martínez has sweated to complete a call due to casualties. Mindset will be critical.

Eikrem effect: The Granada coach highlighted this midfielder. It is one of the springs of the Norwegian team.

Eternal struggle: It is the motto of Granada, which keeps it standing despite the frenetic pace of matches and injuries it is enduring throughout the season.Aces to watch

Rui Silva: The team's special circumstances make keeping a clean sheet especially important.

Ulland Andersen: The Molde attacker scored three of the five goals that saw the historic elimination of German Hoffenheim.

Registrations and losses

Three sanctioned, four not registered and six injured is the war report of Granada.

The most significant absence in Molde, for the second game, will be that of defender Gregersen.

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