Huertas, Salin and Shermadini lead Lenovo Tenerife

The Canarian team begins the second phase of the Champions Basketball with a clear victory on the court of Bosnian KK Igokea.


First day of the second phase of the FIBA Champions League and the first win for Lenovo Tenerife, who defeated Bosnian KK Igokea 62-82 at home in a match with the Tenerife team best placed on the field.

The people of Tenerife had to wait until the beginning of the last quarter to give the final 'thrust' to the local team, after thirty minutes of great equality.

Y is that from 52-60 with which the third quarter ended, Txus Vidorreta's team, in just four minutes, got 54-69. Fifteen points of difference that the Tenerifeans knew how to handle very well until the end of the crash.

Salin and Huertas, from the outside, and Gio Shermadini, inside the zone, were decisive players for the triumph, along with the excellent collaboration of Cavanaugh.

But the Lenovo Tenerife did not have an easy time to beat the KK Igokea. The Bosnian team dominated the start of the first quarter and it would not be until the 9th minute that the island team would take the lead for the first time on the scoreboard, after a triple scored by Sergio Rodríguez (12-14) .

From there, the Lenovo knew how to take control of the crash, but before a rival who never lowered his arms. The first half culminated with a visitor advantage by 15-21, a small income that rewarded the good final minutes of the Tenerife people.

Sasu Salin was always a threat to the rival team and five points scored by him at the beginning of the second quarter marked the beginning of an important first lead on the scoreboard in favor of Txus Vidorreta's (17-30). Partial 2-9 important to start marking distances between the two teams.

But KK Igokea held on and remained strong despite the fact that in the 14th minute a triple by Marcelinho Huertas put the maximum advantage on the scoreboard so far (21-36, min.14) .

Before reaching the break, the Bosnia team would take another step in defense and, together with the offensive success, they managed to reach the break alive and with a 34-37 they had still left for the next twenty minutes.

The home team came out very well after the break. His intentions were clear and between Ilic, Jovanovic and Gray they managed to get within two points (40-42) in the 23rd minute of the game. Lenovo Tenerife attacked, but could not find the formula to be able to finish breaking the game.

It would be at the beginning of the last quarter when in the end he would achieve it against an opponent who could no longer keep up with the same rhythm. The third quarter concluded with a 52-60 for Lenovo Tenerife and four minutes later the score reflected a 54-70.

The inside game was doing a lot of damage to Igokea, he saw his rival gradually go on the scoreboard and without the strength to be able to return to the game.

At the end, 62-82 and first win and lead for Lenovo Tenerife in a second phase whose victories are worth gold.

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