Hornets miracle: they come back 8 points in 53 seconds

A 2 + 1 from Malik Monk with 1.4 seconds left consuming an impossible comeback. The Kings miss 5 free throws in just 1 minute. Record of PJ Washington.


It is quite clear that these Hornets are not the ones from past campaigns. Beyond occupying the tenth place in the East (the last one that gives the option to play the play-in), with a record close to 50% and a victory and a half of fourth place, triumphs such as today's show why this team has changed. He has done it in his game, of course. That is essential for the results to arrive. But his mentality has also changed. Now they not only play well, but they also seem to believe it. And they fight against any rival in any situation. There are days that go well and others do not. And then there are days, like today, that end up starring in a miracle.

That is the only way to define what happened in Sacramento this morning. After an extremely even game, the Kings achieved an advantage that seemed definitive in the last quarter, a period in which on the other hand they were always ahead on the scoreboard. With less than a minute left to finish they beat the Hornets 123-115. An 8-point lead that seemed impossible to lose with what little was left to play. With the Hornets from any other season it would have been like that, but not with these.

A triple by Terry Rozier with 53 seconds remaining opened the ban. The point guard returned three more, this time from the personnel line after a foul by Harrison Barnes, to put the score at 123-121. There were 33 seconds left and the final fireworks were still missing. After the Kings scored 2 more points that seemed to put the result safe, another triple from the Hornets evened things more than ever. It was PJ Washington who was going to complete his spectacular performance (42 goals, personal record) leaving everything in the air: 125-124 with 17 seconds to play. Buddy Hield had the option of securing extra time from the free throw, but only made one of the two. It was the Californians' fifth miss since the personnel in the final 69 seconds. Still they still had a two-point advantage. It was enough that they didn't score out of three ... guess what happened.

In a difficult play to justify in a professional, Richard Holmes fouled Malik Monk when he was leaving the tray under the basket to send the game into overtime. Should they have closed the rim better to avoid such an easy penetration by the Hornets player? Definitely. But once there, what you can't do is give away an additional free kick that costs you the match. Thus it was, with four consecutive plays of three points from the visitors and with more failures than recommended in the local free kick, as a marker that seemed settled. Of course, if the Hornets have changed for the better, the Kings have not and that is for the worse. This is their 11th loss in the last 12 games. So perhaps this miracle should be thanked to both the one who lost and the one who won.

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