Honors for Soldier

The forward ended the historic quarter-final pass with a great header. El Molde went ahead after an own goal by Vallejo and Hestad made it 2-0, in the 89th minute, from a penalty.


Mission accomplished. The dream continues. Granada is already in the quarterfinals of the Europa League. Despite being 2-0 in the first leg, the pass was in the air until Roberto Soldado, the undisputed hero of a tie that the '9' got on track, making it 2-0 at Los Cármenes and which ended at Puskas Arena with a sublime header when the rojiblancos suffered the most.

Soldier reigned in Budapest. But until his shot caressed Linde's net and unleashed madness on the rojiblanco bench, Granada had a bad drink in which they held on to the tie thanks to their goalkeeper, Rui Silva. Sigurdarsson, Aursnes, Ulland Andersen and Fofana, who had the clearest, were about to equalize the tie in a second-half start in which the rojiblancos gave much more facilities than usual.

In fact, it was Diego Martínez's team that gave life to the Mold. Kenedy had a chance to turn the game into a formality after three minutes, but he fired wide heads-up against Linde. And Vallejo, at the stroke of half an hour, filled the Norwegians with hope by inexplicably introducing an attempted clearance to a corner into Rui Silva's goal.

Kenedy was the great asset of Granada during the first half, in which he brought Risa headfirst. The Brazilian beat the Norwegian left-back again and again, but he was not fine in the definition and, above all, in the last pass. Diego Martínez's approach kept Erling Moe's men at bay until 1-0. That was the turning point that put Granada on the path of nervousness and that gave wings to the Norwegians.

El Molde grew on his return from the dressing room and made Granada suffer a lot until Soldado ended the anxiety. Vallejo, who had a horrible night, was also instrumental in the 1-1 action. The center-back won with great decision a divided ball that ended up at the feet of Yangel Herrera. The Venezuelan, still far from his best level, put a candy on the head of Soldier who crowned the Nasrid dream year with a header that is eternal in the club's history.

Hestad's last penalty goal did not even disturb the rojiblancos, who this Friday will be present in a hype full of glamor alongside many illustrious European football clubs (Arsenal and Roma are already classified) .

Diego Martínez: "We are a team with capital letters"

The Granada coach, Diego Martínez, was exultant after getting a place in the quarterfinals of the Europa League and asked his fans to enjoy it because it is "something unique and historic "in the Andalusian club.

"Congratulations, congratulations, enjoy it because this is something unique and historic. I feel very, very proud of my players because regardless of the circumstances with which we arrived at the game we always managed to get ahead," said the coach of the Nasrid team on the wheel Press.

"We are a team with capital letters," he added when asked how Vallejo recovered after the own goal. "Another example. He was not there to play, but he was the only one available in that position and unfortunately he had that action of the goal against. However, in general terms he played a good game. He participated in the second goal, in our draw" recalled.

In addition, Martínez affirmed that "this is not about specific actions, it is about being a team and knowing how to adapt to the game according to what it needs." "The start was good, we only missed the goal, we created chances, but then obviously - as I said in the previous one - if you don't take advantage of this there are always options for both teams," he said.

"We did not deserve to lose at half-time. Molde is a good team and we knew they would have their options, but the only analysis that exists is that we are in the next round," said the Nasrid coach.

In addition, he was also asked about the image of the group - united like a pineapple - after achieving the quarterfinal ticket despite the defeat on Thursday (2-1). "It is not that after achieving something historic we form a pineapple, that is not the important thing. The really important thing about this team is that when all adversities come upon them, they are the first to trust and believe," he snapped.

"When the outside world gets nervous about a defeat, they believe, they are generous with their teammates and they fight to the end," declared Diego Martínez.

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