Honda already contemplates Márquez missing the Qatar GP

Santi Hernández, chief mechanic of the Catalan motorcycle: "In the tests we will help Bradl in case he also had to run the first race".


Santi Hernández, Marc Márquez's chief mechanic at Repsol Honda, is clear that "the most important thing" now is to ensure that the eight-time world champion "returns to having the positive feelings from before the injury" when he gets back on RC213V.

"The most important thing is that Marc gets on the bike and has the positive feelings he had before the injury, that's the most important thing. From then on, time will tell and when Marc gets on his bike, he will give us all these answers. When we have them, with a pilot like Marc, the objective does not change and is to try to win the World Championship ", warns Hernández in an interview facilitated this Thursday by his team.

The Repsol Honda faces the Qatar tests starting this Friday, with the absence of the Cervera test, replaced by the German tester Stefan Bradl, with whom they will try to "understand" so much "the new things" that they have brought to "improve the bike. last year, "like" all the problems "they have and" what things are going well or badly ", with the aim of" being able to give Marc a motorcycle to win races or do his best ". "We will also help Stefan to be able to do good results in the event that he has to go out for a run in the first race," he says."I have learned to make you feel proud of who you work with"

The engineer does not hide that last season was "a very complicated season" due to the injury suffered by the Catalan rider. "We have learned to work with a new rider, to change mindsets and work systems, but it has not been easy for Stefan to go from being a tester to doing the whole season as a driver, and in my case, I have learned to make you feel proud of Who are you working with and that makes you understand how difficult it is to win for many teams ", he acknowledges.

"When you're used to winning almost every weekend, it seems like that's normal, but when we've been this year with Stefan struggling to score points, you realize that's the reality. It's not like we were in a dream , but it is true that work is different and that makes you value the work, the team and the driver ", he adds.

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