Herbalife Gran Canaria is classified in a big way

Devour Unics for 30 minutes to relax in the last period. Slaughter, Costello and Beirán, the best. The Metropolitans 92 awaits you.


Heroica Herbalife Gran Canaria qualification for the Eurocup quarterfinals. After starting the second phase with a sad 0-3, he drew strength from where there was none to win three games at once, also winning the averages to Andorra and Mornar, perhaps the only option, which allowed him to reach this last match with the Unics depending on itself. The boys of Fisac did not fail, who will now face the Boulogne Metropolitans 92.

The Herbalife Gran Canaria had a feast, perhaps aware that only victory was worth it. His start could not be more dazzling, and a triple by Slaughter, who seems to be in a trance, put him 10-2 when barely two and a half minutes had been played, forcing Unics to call a timeout. The visitors soon rallied, and White put things in place at 12-9 after a stellar counterattack.

Then Dimsa came to the local rescue, scoring for 14-11 and cutting a dangerous 0-7 partial in the process. Nor is it that Porfirio Fisac's team seemed worried, who chained a sequence of three triples signed by Dimsa himself, Slaughter and Costello to go off on the scoreboard: 23-14. Far from reacting, Unics seemed to give up slowly, unable to withstand the attacks of Herbalife, which connected blows of all colors to the rival chin. Now it was the 2 + 1 that Balcerowski took out White, combined immediately afterwards by another triple by Costello that announced a party on the island side: 31-17 at the end of the first quarter.

Gran Canaria did not slacken at all, as aware as it seemed that it owed itself a victory by tronío that also gave it a classification that three games ago seemed impossible. The Costello-Balcerowski connection continued to make profits for Herbalife, with the former assisting the latter on 37-19. Unics barely offered a very slick attack, and with such a number of missed shots it was impossible to even think about getting close on the scoreboard.

Sendos claws from 6.75 by Theodore and Holland gave the duel some spice, 43-32, but the Herbalife was so superior that it did not even flinch, as Shurna demonstrated by plugging in a liberating triple, 50-34. The Unics seemed at times a team totally resigned to its fate, so there was nothing to object to the 57-40 with which the break was reached.From the festival to the tension

Gran Canaria resumed the match determined to sentence it as soon as possible. Thus, a triple by Kilpatrik suddenly gave him a brilliant 64-40, which also represented the maximum advantage of the match and a 7-0 partial in favor of the insular formation. The game became a runner, entertaining in any case the exchange of baskets, something that only favored the locals. And more with the Slaughter plugged in, a new triple to put the 72-49 in the sky of the Gran Canaria Arena. The 78-58 with which the third period ended announced that the duel was sentenced.

However, the insular relaxation brought the yellow team itself a tremendous scare. Five straight points from Morgan somehow kept Unics in the fight, 80-65. But Costello offered a new recital, and with five consecutive points, mate plus triple, he gave his team a +16: 89-73. With nothing to lose, the visitors threw in the rest, and it almost went well. Four free throws by Smith put him back in the game, 89-81, and a layup from Theodore less than a minute to dig the game set off all the basketball alarms on the Island: 93-87. However, to the possible rescue of his family came the usual. Beirán crouched in a corner waited, and with less than 30 seconds to go, he hit a decisive triple that made Smith's last one, who closed the score, anecdotal: 96-90.

Despite the final confidence, Gran Canaria passes the stage in a big way. He started 0-3 and was able to balance his balance when it was worst. Now the Boulogne Metropolitans 92 awaits you. And what is better: the beginning of a new European dream, something impossible with so many problems, domestic failures included, as Herbalife has had this season.

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