Hazard, shattered

He has broken down again and in Madrid he is close to tripling the number of games he missed ... in seven years at Chelsea. Accumulate 320 days of loss and adding.


"Something is happening ...". The phrase, full of concern, is by Zinedine Zidane. This is how the Marseillais responded to what happened to Eden Hazard to have mysteriously missed the last training session before receiving Atalanta. Now, according to medical sources consulted by AS, this psoas injury will slow him down for a month. In other words, four other games in which Zizou will have to make a living without the Belgian to help this Madrid that suffers the unspeakable to score. Nor will we see him, presumably, in the Classic on April 11. Another one, because he has never played one.

"He had never had so many injuries in his career," admitted the white coach. What could be an excuse is nothing more than a crushing reality. The numbers fall like a slab. In seven full seasons at Chelsea, Hazard came to accumulate 20 games of loss due to physical problems. Three of them in 2019-19 and, curiously, none in the previous one, 17-18. He was not a regular in the infirmary, despite the punishment and the wear and tear of the minutes with both Chelsea and the Belgian team. In Madrid, in one season and so far this season, he has missed 54 games. We must add another insurance, that of this Tuesday against Atalanta. They are 55 and counting, on the way to tripling the absences due to injury that he starred in London. In a third of the time.

It is that Hazard can practically add a year of casualties due to injury. So far there are ten injuries and, to make matters worse, also a loss due to coronavirus. Going to the calculator, it is about 320 days of losses due to sports injury plus COVID-19. To that must be added the thirty days that presumably will be KO now. A period of convalescence, recovery and adjustment that will increase the number of minutes without Hazard.

In Madrid he was barely seen in 27% of the minutes that the team has played (2,191 'out of 7,890' possible). A miniscule figure and more when compared to everything he amassed at Stamford Bridge: there he was on the pitch 73.8% of the time. The difference is almost abysmal and the chances of Hazard regaining his competitive tone before the end of this season have been considerably reduced.A Very Minor Hazard

Zidane (and Bettoni, when it came to exercising) have been repeatedly asking for "patience," but they have few handholds left to hold on when it comes to Hazard. That exaggerated intermittence has prevented him from starting permanently and makes him look minor when he has been on the field. The statistics in this his second campaign, which was to be the confirmation, are light years from his cache: three goals in 13 games. The last of them was achieved against Alavés on January 23, in what was his best performance this year. A mirage. Hazard continues to grieve through the desert of injuries and the oasis of finding his best version every day seems more distant.

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