Hazard returns to Madrid

The player has been working on his rehabilitation with the Belgian physiotherapist. He returns to Madrid to continue with his process.


The Belgian Real Madrid striker Eden Hazard is back in Madrid after having worked on his rehabilitation together with the Belgian team's physiotherapist, Lieven Maesschalk, in the Walloon town of Tubize, as reported this Monday by the Flemish media Het Laatse Nieuws.

The former Chelsea player will continue in the Spanish capital to recover from his psoas injury, on which he decided not to undergo surgery, following the advice of the Real Madrid and Belgium medical teams.

His teammate in the national team and in the white club, goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, assured in an interview with the VTM channel that, although it is difficult to see him off the field, he had never seen Hazard "so fit" .

"After his previous injury, he had some difficult days, but this time I see that he is working very hard every day in training. He is sure to be fitter than ever," insisted the meta.

Eden Hazard will now have to undergo "an extreme treatment to strengthen the lower part of the body, from the abs to the knees", according to information from the Flemish media.

Since he was injured in 2019 in a collision with his teammate Thomas Meunier, his right ankle "is as flexible as his left," according to diagnoses, although the metal plate that was placed last summer in Dallas "should not be the cause of his repeated muscle injuries ".

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