"You have to see the context of the game: at least we add"

Vicente Moreno recognizes that the expulsion marks the meeting because "Oviedo did not feel dangerous" and says that the team was "ambitious."


Despite winning in Mallorca two weeks ago, Espanyol accumulates two draws in a row against Sporting and Oviedo. The accounts do not go out to Vicente Moreno's team, which again suffered a slip in this case due to the expulsion of Dídac Vilà in the 37th minute, a circumstance that conditioned the game, as the coach recognized: "We were looking for the three points. see the context of the game. At least we added one. We did not suffer despite having one less player, we always kept two forwards on the field. We were conditioned. Everything comes together: we did not have offensive full-backs, it would have been less noticeable with players of that profile. It must be recovered in the next matches ".

He did not want to delve too deeply into the expulsion of Dídac Vilà, an ugly tackle 70 meters from the goal that the referee punished after being warned by the VAR. The Valencian coach commented that "there is a percentage that can be avoided and another that is how it looks. That play is very open. Unfortunately it has hurt us."

Again, and before that play came, Espanyol went ahead and then began to be dominated by Oviedo. The coach did not deny the facts but maintained that the ambition was the same: "The idea was to continue and score one more goal to have a result that would give us peace of mind. We lacked depth on the sides. We were conditioned. We lacked doing damage, but the feeling is that they were hardly going to score. We are always ambitious ".

The losses of Óscar Gil, Miguelón and Adrià Pedrosa diminished that type of game that the coach is looking for. Despite this, Moreno excused the team ("he fought and competed") and also his changes: "We wanted to win, they were offensive." "We will be annoyed. We will have to wait for the results, but we want to continue preparing the next game. Not everything ends in a game," he concluded.

For his part, José Ángel Ziganda lamented that Oviedo "could not" do the second. "They started very well, with dynamism, the ball went to them. Not to us. Then they folded well, they have a job ... It wasn't easy. I would have liked to have more chances, but they had their two midfielders and four center-backs" .

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