Hannah's inspiration rewards a long-suffering Andorra

MoraBanc achieves its first away victory in 2021 on the track of a struggling Fuenlabrada. Trimble's good performance is not enough for Urbas.


Morabanc Andorra took their first victory away from Fuenlabrada with suffering in 2021 (65-75) with an inspired final by the American point guard Clevin Hannah, who scored 7 points and gave 3 assists in the final two minutes to sentence a very equalized.

The foreign victory that Morabanc was denied since November 21 of last year in Gran Canaria was found in Fuenlabrada thanks also to the consistency of the Czech David Jelinek (19 points) and the electricity of the American Jeremy Senglin (15 and 5 rebounds) , which gave joy to an Andorran team that had just lost in four of its last five league games, although it cost Senegalese center Malik Dime an injury in the first quarter.The match, corresponding to the duel of the nineteenth day postponed by the snowstorm caused by the storm Filomena, allows Andorra to look towards the 'playoff' area with its eleventh victory and denies Fuenlabrada a golden opportunity to move away from relegation, from the that only a victory separates him.

The people of Madrid, who had the best version of the American point guard Melo Trimble (20 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists) when he was accompanied by the Serbian Jovan Novak (15 points and 5 assists), lost in the capital fighting for the rebound (30-38 ) and they are seen with 7 victories, only one on the descent.

The start was plagued by inaccuracies, with Fuenlabrada clinging to erratic Trimble and Andorra boosted by the athleticism of French Bandja Sy and Malik Dime, although the Senegalese had to retire after four minutes, injuring his right ankle after a fall. It was not noticed, because his replacement, the Belarusian Artsiom Parakhouski, prevailed under the basket (6-13, min. 5) .

Javier Juárez's shouts to his team improved their defense, but they continued to be discouraged in attack, and Andorra punished those mistakes with baskets in transition and balls to Parakhouski, although the locals put on makeup at the end to end the quarter 14-19.

Best directed by Serbian Jovan Novak, who hit the first local triple after six misses, Fuenla maintained defensive aggressiveness and improved the circulation of the ball to get to a point with a dunk from Congolese Christian Eyenga (25-26, min. 16 ) and, two minutes of inaccuracies later, he went ahead with a basket from Chema González. Jelinek's quick triple reaction found the same Trimble aftershock to leave 30-29 at halftime.

Jelinek returned from the dressing room just as successful, with eight points in 2:20, including two 3-pointers without failure to stretch Morabanc (30-37, min. 23). Fuenlabrada reacted instantly by raising its defense, with two transitions and a triple from Novak, to which Andorra once again responded with another from Paulí, to make way for an even and entertaining runner that ended with a tight 48-49.

A the race also started the final partial, in which Fuenlabreños and Andorranians exchanged advantages. It seemed that Trimble had recovered the success with two triples (61-59, min. 37), but there appeared Clevin Hannah.

The one from Rochester (New York, USA) found the right moment when it was necessary: basket, triple and assist for Parakhouski with which Andorra went from five to 1:22 from the end (61-66). Another assist of his gave rise to Sy's triple that sentenced the match (65-69), extended in the last seconds to 65-75, a final that allows MoraBanc to look up and worries a Fuenlabrada with an increasingly smaller margin over him. descent.

Photos from as.com
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