Haaland was not United because of the clock

The Norwegian forward did not arrive at United due to a confusion with the British and Norwegian time zones of a member of the Mancuniano club. Salzburg took him.


Manchester United is doing everything they can to make Erling Haaland become the Red Devil. Every time his name sounds in relation to a transfer, that of the Mancunians appears on the list of candidates. Interest comes from afar.

Before he 'broke' the Champions League with RB Salzburg emerging as a lethal scorer, Erling Haaland began to shine in the Norwegian Mold under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, now United manager. It was 17-18 and Molde was runner-up in the League with a young Erling scoring 12 league goals as well as four in the Europa League qualifying phase. 16 points, a remarkable mark.

When the campaign ended, Haaland decided to seek new challenges and two clubs called with interest: RB Salzburg and Manchester United. The price of the scorer? Only three million euros, although it would include some performance bonus. Thus, United advanced in the negotiations willing to sign the striker who had grown up alongside his legend, but he betrayed his watch.

According to the British press, a confusion with time zones led the forward to end up signing for RB Salzburg and not for them. According to Mirror, his agent and Molde had arranged to meet with a United representative to speak at 9 a.m. from Norway, but he got confused with the time zones, and called at 9 a.m. British, that is, 10: 00 Norwegian to close Haaland. What they didn't know from United is that Haaland was already closed by then.

The Mancunians lost their turn and RB Salzburg did call at the correct time, thus closing a signing that was confirmed in January 2019 for, according to Transfermarkt, 8 million euros. A value that today far exceeds in Borussia Dortmund reaching up to 110 'kilos'. Price that United will have to pay and this time it will have to be in time to gain one of the talents called upon to mark the next decade with their game.

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