Haaland is within range

City are Madrid's main obstacle, with United and Chelsea at their side. Madrid hopes to convince him with his project and in the good relationship with Dortmund.


Two names occupy the top of Real Madrid's wish list for next summer: Mbappé and Haaland. In that order. The Frenchman is the priority, he ends his contract in 2022 and is not responding affirmatively to PSG's renewal offers; The white club hopes that the Parisian entity will open to negotiate at the risk of losing it in a year without leaving anything in the box, although PSG has already shown that it does not hurt (Rabiot was left without playing six months before leaving free to Juventus) .

The special difficulty of the operation and the delicate moment that the accounts of Real Madrid are going through (also those of PSG) mean that the merengue club has in reserve a more feasible plan such as the Norwegian forward of Dortmund. Haaland was in Madrid's plans for 2022. He does not have a termination clause, but at least the player took from the club the moral commitment that in 2022 they would listen to the offers that came for him. This summer is supposed to be no.

The sporting difficulties that Madrid is going through have made the signing of a forward a priority: he has scored only 57 goals in 34 games, an average of 1.7 per game. The idea is to bring Haaland's incorporation forward to June if Mbappé proves unviable, and according to Sport Bild published on Wednesday, the Nordic does not dislike the idea at all: he knows that Madrid wants him and will wait to hear his proposal. In addition, his salary claims, of 12 million net per season (well below the 36 that PSG will offer Mbappé), fit the bill.Tune between Madrid and Borussia

To this must be added Mino Raiola's desire to start doing business on a sustained basis with Real Madrid and the excellent relationship between the white club and Dortmund, thanks above all to the harmony between Florentino Pérez and Hans -Joaquim Watzke, Borusser president, harvested after several operations over the years (Sahin, Achraf, Reinier ...). The sporting director of Dortmund, Michael Zorc, wanted to cool down the rumors around Haaland a few days ago: "He does not want to, cannot and will not change clubs. He did so after Raiola claimed to have ten clubs behind the striker.

Yesterday, Watzke was more realistic about Dortmund's options to retain its figures in statements to Handelsblatt: contemplate selling a player. I do not rule out anything in the middle of a pandemic. " If Dortmund fail to qualify for the Champions League (it is fifth, three points behind Eintracht Frankfurt), its economic urgencies will go to the next level and the departure of a figure will become almost mandatory. It may be Haaland, it may also be Jadon Sancho, although the Briton has lost the bill last season; Dortmund even rejected an offer from United of 100 million for him.

City, United and Chelsea on the road

United is one of four teams leading the way to try to sign Haaland in June. The devils will try to enforce in their favor the presence on their bench of a Norwegian like Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, his country's idol during the 1990s and 2000s. Although Madrid's main rival in the bid for Haaland is the other team from Manchester. City have enough economic potential to tempt the Norwegian and need a replacement for Agüero, who ends his contract in June and will not continue. Finally, Chelsea appears, which does not convince the footballer so much and does not have enough space up front: last summer they signed Werner, who at the moment is giving an irregular performance (he has 10 goals and nine assists).

The one that does not appear in the bid, and it is strange, is Bayern. Seeing the Bavarian team fighting and taking the best Dortmund players has been a constant in recent years (Hummels, Götze, Lewandowski ...). But in this case, the president of Bayern, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, has already been in charge of warning that they do not have them: "I have a good relationship with Watzke, while I am at Bayern there will be no other purchase like Lewandowski's (he arrived free, it was announced months before the end of the contract). Haaland is doing well at Dortmund. " Although, at least, he left an open door: "Of course, it is not known what may happen in the future, I will be in the presidency of Bayern Munich until December 2021 ..." .

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