Guillén and Seisdedos will compete in the Motocross World Championship

The 'Motocross Lionesses', as the 15- and 26-year-old riders are known, will form the RFME team at the FIM Women's MX World Championship.

The Spanish Daniela Guillén, 15 years old, and Gabriela Seisdedos, 26 years old, will form the team that the Royal Spanish Motorcycle Federation (RFME) will present, for the first time with an independent structure in its history, in the FIM Women's MX World Championship World Championship. Those already known as the "Motocross Lionesses" unite Guillén's youth with the experience of Seisdedos to try to achieve the highest challenges in international women's motocross and communicate it on Women's Day to further enhance the relevance of the challenge. which both will face.Daniela Guillén is a 15-year-old promising youngster, champion in the lower categories of national motocross and a one-to-one winner competing against boys, with incredible potential and who in 2021 has decided to make the leap to the 250 4T category, skipping several steps since it comes from the 85 cc and prepares in a High Performance Center (CAR), which he combines with his ESO studies. Gabriela Seisdedos is much better known as she has been an eight-time Spanish Women's Motocross Champion and, at 26, has extensive experience both nationally and internationally, with several participations in the World Championship.

As part of their preparation to reach the world championship in top form, the 'Motocross Lionesses' already compete in the MX2 category in the Spanish championship, in fact, they raced last weekend in Montearagón with Daniela sneaking into the Top 20 and Gabriela suffering an accident at the start of the first heat, leading. An agenda that they will combine with some international women's events.

This is the World Championship

The "FIM Women's MX World Championship" will consist of six qualifying events and begins on July 26 in Locket (Czech Republic), and will have a race in Madrid, on October 17. Gabriela Seisdedos has recognized that for her "it is a unique opportunity since we have never had such a strong structure at our side before and this allows us to only worry about competing, so it is fortunate that they have trusted me to contribute my experience. to the team ".

In the RFME press release Daniela Guillén points out that for her it will be her "first participation in the World Cup": "But she does not impose on me and I am looking forward to the date to give my best. With Gabriela by my side and everything this team will be able to play a great role. " For Fernando de Portugal, the head of the team, "Gabriela has broken all the barriers in the world of motocross and has opened the way for other women to reach the top and Daniela, who is much younger, has a level with the one who chooses everything in women's motocross ".

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