Guardiola protests the international stoppage

"It makes no sense that they leave and have to do 10 days of quarantine when they return, now when we are playing the season," he lamented.


Pep Guardiola has spoken before the Manchester derby and has mentioned the controversial issue of the international break, since South American footballers, among others, should do 10 days of quarantine in England when they return: "It makes no sense for them to leave," he said. the Catalan technician.

Manchester Derbi: "I have the feeling that Manchester United is better every season. At the Etihad Stadium they have always had good results but we know the opportunity we have to keep our distance and have one less game to go. Everyone knows how important he is. I was amazed at how they played at Stamford Bridge, how brave they are in so many ways, their pressure. "

International stoppage: "It makes no sense for them to leave and have to quarantine for 10 days when they return. We are working here for many months, spending money and the international stoppage comes when we are playing the season. If we are going to lose six or seven footballers it makes no sense for them to go. When they can play and come back without problems they will go, of course. We want to let them go with the national team. I will never tell them not to go. But it makes no sense to go back and spend 10 days without training and without playing when we are playing the league or the Champions League. I'm sure they won't go. I suppose FIFA will do something. Have we followed all the protocols and now, at the crucial moment of the season, they have to go? they will understand. "

Manchester City level: "When you win something it does not mean that you will win in the future. That is what I have learned in my career. You always have to pay attention to the alerts. We won two Premier League and then Liverpool came and won the yours. In football it matters what you do today and, so far, we are doing very well. But in March no one wins titles ".

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