Guardiola: "I always dreamed of training in the country of Shakespeare, the Beatles and Oasis"

"I do not want to say that it was not well in Barcelona or in Munich, but I always wanted to come here. It is not football, this country is special," said the coach.


Pep Guardiola always wanted to train in England. Now, almost five years later, he explains it in an interview with BT Sport: "When I was at Barcelona and Bayern I always dreamed of coming to England and training in the country of Shakespeare, in the country of the Beatles and Oasis" says the Catalan coach with Rio Ferdinand, who was in charge of interviewing him.

This is how Guardiola takes stock of his years in Manchester: "After four or five years here I feel very good. I also felt good last year, when we did not win. I have friends, I feel protected, I feel the love of the fans, we have magnificent infrastructures. I would like better weather, yes, but here I have everything and that's why I extended my contract. I don't want to say that it wasn't good in Barcelona or Munich, but I always wanted to come here. It's not football, this country is special When we win we are happy, when we lose we simply think how we can improve ".

Regarding their level in the Champions League, where they have not gone beyond the quarter-finals since Guardiola is a 'citizen' coach, he says: "I know that if we don't reach the last rounds of the Champions League it will be an unfinished job. I have accepted it because I always answer this question. When everyone says it maybe they are right ".

Another of the topics discussed during the conversation is defensive solidity: "You know better than I how important it is to be solid. The confidence that this gives the team, knowing that they are safe behind," says Pep Guardiola, who also values Cancelo's novel position: "With Delph and Zinchenko we had already done the Cancelo thing. It's to surprise the opponents, to put players to pass the ball. In the last game Zinchenko did it. It depends on the opponent's level and the opponent's skills, "ends.

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