Girona ends the reign of Perfumerías in the Cup

The Catalan team wins in overtime at Avenida, which added the last four KO tournaments. His rival will be Valencia Basket or Lointek Gernika.


Spar Girona gave the surprise and won this Saturday in the extension of the semifinals of the Copa de la Reina at Perfumerías Avenida, which left him without the option of completing an unprecedented repoker of titles in the tournament and also without his undefeated condition this campaign. And end a streak of 40 consecutive wins.

The Catalan team was supported for many minutes by Chelsea Gray and Julia Resingerovà but in the extra time it was an extraordinary Sonja Vasic and Frida Eldebrink who led them to victory with the calm leadership of Laia Palau with a final quarter of 6-19.

The match began with an unexpected success on the part of both teams and the Resingerovà domain helped Girona, as did the good defenses of Maía Araujo and Vasic, over Katie Samuelson and Renara Hayes.

The Perfumerías knew how to harden its defense to take command of the clash but Alfred Julbe entrusted himself to Gray and the vision of the American allowed him to turn the scoreboard and the sensations.

A time-out by Roberto Íñiguez and a failed 1-3-1 defense by the Catalans equalized the match. It was again Gray who dynamited the crash with his assists and he only needed to return to the track two minutes before the break to do so (40-44, m.20) .

Girona returned to the pitch just as brazen but the fourth fouls by Reinsgerovà and Laia Palau were a hard blow that it cost him to assimilate. It gave Katie Samuelson time to cheer up in the scoring to complete the great work of Maite Cazorla and Hayes (54-46, m.25) .

Gray's entry was not enough this time, because the lack of confidence of his teammates and the great Salamanca defense and his dominance of the rebound allied to sign a partial of 20-4 that put Girona on the ropes (60-48, m.30) .

But the return of Resingerova gave Gray the partner he needed to re-engage the Catalan team in the match (62-59, m.34) .

Risk Julbe with a zone to finish blocking Salamanca but took Resingerovà out of his usual defensive zone, who committed the fifth with five minutes to go. Even so, a new triple by Paola Ferrari completed the comeback (64-65, m.36) and Girona took command.

Nikolina Milic gave air to Salamanca with a couple of actions and Iñiguez's team managed to tie with one minute to go and thus ended the clash by chaining both teams errors of idea and execution in what should be decisive attacks (72-72, m .40) .

A triple by Eldebrink who, entered after bouncing off the rim, opened extra time and marked it because it was followed by two other high-quality actions and a lucky point from Sonia Vasic. The Perfumerías no longer managed to recover because the Swede and the Serb did not stop adding.

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