Gil Marín believes that Velasco Carballo's words "condition the decisions of the referees"

For Atlético's CEO, the "public comments" of the president of the referees on Lemar's action against Villarreal "are very dangerous."


Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, CEO of Atlético de Madrid, said on Wednesday that the "public comments" of Carlos Velasco Carballo, president of the Technical Referees Committee, on Thomas Lemar's action against Villarreal and whether it should have been a red card, "They are very dangerous, because they condition the decisions of the referees" who must referee the rojiblanco team.

"I do not understand why the president of the Technical Committee of Referees publicly rebukes one of the best referees that we have in Spain (Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea), and more in a decision that can never be considered as an error. The referee appreciates a played on the field and makes a decision after watching it on television, like the vast majority of football fans, "he told EFE.

In that sense, Gil Marín states that "whoever has played football, whoever knows Thomas Lemar, can only coincide with the referee's criteria in the play". "He does not try to attack the opposing player, or even get him out of his way, he just tries to continue the play avoiding him when he suddenly finds him trying to progress in an attack play," he added.

Y concluded: "These public comments are very dangerous because they condition the decisions of the referees who must referee us and give the feeling that we have been benefited by an arbitration error, when it is not like that."What Velasco Carballo said

On Tuesday, at a press conference, Velasco Carballo talks about Lemar's move, sanctioned with a yellow card after the VAR review. "The referee is going to see her on the monitor, he disagrees with his partner and for him that play is not red and it is a yellow card. Well, perfect (...). Now, later we have to analyze as the Technical Committee of Referees who we think that You have made the right decision, the one who called you from the VAR who thought it was a red card or the field referee who has decided on a yellow card. We do this analysis, we debate with our team and we say, guys, this for us It is red and this should be the criterion to follow, "he said at one point in his reply.

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