Gernika passes the dangerous process of Tenerife in the Cup

Ginzo and Bjorklund took the lead against Ciudad de La Laguna, who fell very short in scoring and did not have a chance. The Biscayns are without rhythm due to COVID.


Lointek Gernika is the team that arrives more precariously on the grid of members of the Copa de la Reina, with 19 days without matches and very few training sessions. The wait from Magariños has become eternal. The problems derived from COVID and all the uncertainty that the pandemic has generated in half of the team mean that its premiere in the Valencia tournament was full of unknowns. Some of them got on the bus almost running and one had to wait for the night and catch a plane, when all were already in the capital of the Turia concentrated. And although the beginning has been plagued with uncertainty, something logical, the unknowns have been dispelled with a game of ten, as corresponded to his rank of favorites against Ciudad de La Laguna. Of course, to be competitive they had to change their usual script, that happy game and high rhythm that Mario López promotes. They went to a calmer basketball, with long possessions and more abundant rotations, plus, yes, the usual iron defense. Ginzo and Bjorklund took the lead against the island team, who fell very short in scoring and did not have a chance.

Colhado, with health problems, was injured and Cornelius fell due to a sprained ankle. Initially, the Canary Islands had an impact on the inside. The forales showed many resources and aim in attack, although inactivity was noticeable. The best that could happen to them was to be right at the beginning, to increase their self-esteem, and they were connecting thanks to the aim from the 6.75 line, with a 7 of 11 service. With 15-6, the Clarinos coach had to stop the action. With 20-12 it was already clear that the scoreboard was going to be well nourished and with the help of Bjorklund and Roundtree, the advantage was growing without restraint. The insulars were very stuck, they missed a lot near the rim and Taylor's loss was very noticeable. Claudio García stopped the shock and released: "The one who does not want to play, to be erased, can leave." As there are no people, it was heard even in Castellón.

The best news for the Basques is that they had the physicality to endure the 40 minutes and the two stars of the afternoon, Bjorklunbd and Ginzo, played 30 and 28, respectively, without physically resenting themselves. Lointek alternated defenses to set their pace and not wear themselves out too much in individual pursuits. Everything was under control. Ciudad de La Laguna tried to adjust their defense and planted a zone, but it only served to make up a bit a score that reached 64-35 with 11:18 left after a triple by Ginzo. An old woman known as Ocete took the responsibility, while Atkinson and Montenegro were able to show part of their repertoire. Gernika is already in the semifinals of the Copa de la Reina, the minimum goal; Now it's time to get a mark in the semifinals.

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