Fuenlabrada, to overcome the losses against Las Palmas

The azulones arrive with six confirmed casualties, four injured and two suspended, and the doubt of Iribas. Las Palmas, with a fit and titular Jesé.


Casualties. That variant as defining in football as hated or loved, depending on luck, by the teams. It happens that this Fuenlabrada-Las Palmas will be marked by casualties, bad for the interests of the azulones and for the good for those of the Canaries (follow the game live on AS.com).

The victory in this duel would mean for both teams to leave that 'no man's land' in which they are anchored. This is not at all bad since permanence, the main objective of Kirikos and Canaries, is seen with better eyes from this place. However, playoff dreams, if both teams ever had them, fade each day that their name appears in these positions.

Fuenlabrada arrives more depleted than usual to this duel which in itself, to anyone who follows the Silver Category, would seem an unlikely event. Six are the safe casualties and the entry of Iribas in the call is not entirely clear. Pol Valentín, Sekou Gassama, Ibán Salvador and Kanté are out due to injury; Glauder and Diéguez, by penalty.

The vast majority of absences are in defense so Oltra will have to rebuild the line with the few troops it has. Most central, yes, so we can expect a lot of muscle but little depth. For the rest, the usual in Oltra's line-ups except for the inclusion of Garcés in the attack point by the injured Kanté.

On the contrary, the list of casualties of Las Palmas seems to give a break to Pepe Mel, who recovers the injured Álvaro Lemos, Rober, who was overcoming the consequences of COVID-19, or the sanctioned Dani Castellano and Araujo. Las Palmas will have a marvelous attack front with Pejiño, Clemente, Mujica, Jesé, Kirian, Rober, Araujo ... However, Mel warns: "That does not guarantee anything if you do not maintain order. We have to be balanced", proclaimed before traveling to Madrid.

In any case, if Las Palmas wants to aspire to something more, as his coach asks and refuses in the offices ("The only objective is permanence", said on Thursday in Ser the sports director, Luis Helguera), he must correct, starting today, his disastrous statistics away from home, where he has barely won one game and lost seven, with 8 goals in favor and 23 against, figures completely incompatible with the First Division on a more or less distant horizon.KEYS TO THE MATCHFeudo baldío

Fuenlabrada has not won at its stadium since September 29. Last year, Torres was synonymous with victories and this season only the azulones managed to add draws there.Cash

Mel recovers important troops such as Álvaro Lemos, Rober or Sergio Araujo. The number of minutes remains to be seen.The reunion of the Argentine

Feuillassier is once again getting his best version with Oltra on the Kiriko bench. He was one of the best against Lugo, showing himself with spice and skill in dribbling.

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The statistics of Las Palmas away from home could not be worse. It is urgent for him to change it to aspire to something more, as requested by Pepe Mel himself.AS TO FOLLOWBorja Garcés

The Atlético de Madrid youth squad has this March a golden opportunity to take over the title after Kanté's injury. The duel against Las Palmas, key.


He was already a starter against Rayo. He has not scored yet, and he is very much needed. He has no shortage of chances but he is right in front of goal.

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