Fuenlabrada gives itself a dream night

Pinchi, with two goals and a provoked penalty, decided the balance for the azulones already in the first half. Fuenla is confirmed as the 'giant killer'.


Fuenlabrada confirms its role as a 'giant killer' by beating Mallorca with a resounding 4-1 that was defenseless at the feet of Oltra's pupils.

The duel began with an emotional minute of silence for the death of Mariano Anuarbe, father of the Fuenlabrada skinny Rubén Anuarbe. Already with the ball rolling on the Torres pitch, Oltra's pupils stole Mallorca's favorite band, touching the goal up to three times in the first fifteen minutes. David's rebellion, his.

First, Pinchi alerted the vermilion defense with a tame shot at 4 '. Later, Espinosa, first starting with the azulona jacket, tried his luck from outside the area with a shot that was too focused. Finally, Cristóbal combed a lateral foul that the visiting goalkeeper saved without problems. The Fuenlabrada was already prowling dangerously after its prey. It was in the 13th minute and in a play that, a priori, did not seem like it would end in good port when the azulones found a prize. A reborn Pinchi stole the ball from Manolo Reina, who was unable to catch the ball. An 'easy' goal for the winger from A Coruña who introduced the ball into the goal at will.

Mallorca, second classified in LaLiga SmartBank, did not like this gesture of rebellion, which was gradually settling on the green. With a double chance in the 25th minute, first Abdon and then Febas, Luis García's men presented their candidacy for victory. However, these minutes of vermilion dominance was a mere mirage of what would be a night of wonders for the azulón fan.

The smartest in the class, that's what Pinchi was in this showdown. Again, a failure by Manolo Reina to control the ball and, once again, the attacker took advantage of his mistake by getting ahead of everyone and beating, with a powerful shot, the rival goalkeeper (0-2, 38 '). The azulona party did not end there and even less when the omnipresent Pinchi continued on the decks putting his music to this great local first part. The Spaniard caused a penalty a few minutes after his second goal before the astonished gaze of the Mallorca defense that they could only stop him with kicks. Nteka was in charge of executing the maximum penalty (0-3, 41 ').

Mallorca returned from the locker room wanting to face decisively the titanic task of coming back from 3-0. Already with the first minutes of the second act, the visitors had generated more sense of danger than in the entire first part. Dani Rodríguez touched the goal in the 50th minute. Fuenlabrada happens to have a goalkeeper in Javier Belman. The goalkeeper took out a feline hand to block the shot of the Majorcan 14, his action of many carats since the wall of azulona shirts did not allow him to see. The attack of Mallorca did not stop there, which loyally everything to the lateral centers.

From one of his lateral passes came Mallorca's first goal, Jordi Mboula caught a measured center from Oliván to give more hope to the Mallorcan fans (3-1, 56 '). The Fuenlabrada, meanwhile, sunk in its area and living off the stops of Belman. One of those stops was made to Abdón Prats who caught a dead ball in the front of the area.

The visiting team continued to insist on its task of turning the scoreboard, but its drive was fading until Pathé Ciss's goal, entering only from the second row, ended up killing the visitor's hopes of a comeback. Fuenlabrada, for its part, allowed itself the luxury of being the first team in the category to score four goals against Mallorca. Nothing else happened in a night for Kiriko memory and vermilion oblivion.

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