From humiliated by Mou to crack

Luke Shaw remains undisputed with Solskjaer and has never had such an impact on his team before, ending City's 21-game winning streak this weekend.

There are many famous press conferences by José Mourinho, but one of the most remembered in England during his time at Manchester United featured Luke Shaw. The Portuguese coach directed his criticism towards the English footballer with great regularity and one afternoon, against Everton, he decided to put him in the second half. He did it, yes, for the same band that Mou's bench was on, to keep him close. After the match at Old Trafford, asked about Shaw's performance, he commented: "He played a good game but it was his body with my mind. He played in front of me and I made all the decisions for him."

When Manchester United decided to sign Alex Telles to reinforce the left back this summer, the focus was once again on Luke Shaw. Would it be the end of his tenure after many years pointing but not confirming? Since 2014, when the Red Devils paid Southampton 30 million, Shaw has been regarded as one of the best English full-backs, or at least one of the most promising. Months later, however, a first obstacle arrived: "I was very close to losing my leg but I did not know it until six months later when the doctor told me," Shaw recalled about his double fracture in his right leg in a match of the Champions League against PSV, who had him absent for more than a year. "I have had highs and lows with different coaches, but now I am fitter than ever," he told the BBC a few weeks ago.

Shaw remains undisputed with Solskjaer and has never before had such an impact on his team, ending City's 21-game winning streak this weekend. At the Etihad Stadium, Shaw was one of the most prominent footballers and ended his performance with the second goal of the match, the final 0-2, reaching the rival area, as usual. A few days before the new England list, the Manchester United footballer is once again in the national team's pools to compete with Chilwell. Shaw adds one goal and six assists, four of them in this 2021, in a team that is second in the Premier League and that plays the second round of the Europa League against AC Milan.

At the time Shaw went through 'Man of the Match' and remembered his beginnings in the 'Red Devil' team, where perhaps he arrived too young and could not meet expectations. His coach was then José Mourinho and the English side assured that he lived a nightmare. "That was a very hard moment. Sometimes the words would not come to me and people only listened to one version of the story, Mourinho's," he said on the program of former player Gary Lineker.

Mourinho was very critical of him in public, especially after that draw against Everton. "He plays with his body but also with my brain. He is in front of me and I have to make every decision for him. Communication is possible because we are very close, I think for him, when to close, when to open, when to pressure the opponent , I make every decision for him. ”

"People said negative things about me but it has been a learning process that has made me a better person. I had to keep my head down and shut up. I have had very bad luck with the injuries I have suffered but I always believed that I could be a an important footballer here, "acknowledged Shaw. And his state of form? And the critics who called him fat? How did you get over that? This is how he explains it: "People can say that I'm fat, of course, but I know my body. I've always seemed bigger, let's say I have a body like Wayne Rooney. There will always be positive and negative reviews, but they can only make you more. strong. "

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