Football Leaks reveals a clause between Madrid and Cristiano to avoid Hacienda

infoLibre has just unveiled a new chapter of 'Football Leaks', in which it is ensured that the white club guaranteed its income against possible actions by the Spanish treasury.


Cristiano Ronaldo's relationship with Real Madrid and the problems with the Spanish Treasury derived from the collection of his emoluments continue to give people talk three years after his departure. Today the digital newspaper infoLibre has unveiled a new chapter of the Portuguese's irregularities in relation to his employment relationship with Real Madrid.

According to the information of the aforementioned media, based on the different investigations, framed under the investigation of Football Leaks, the website that has been leaking to the public alleged documentation on the contracts, transfer costs and salaries of famous footballers, Real Madrid signed two letters shielding his salary against the actions of the Treasury.

InfoLibre recalls that this type of action is prohibited according to the Workers' Statute and also that Cristiano was the only player to whom Real Madrid supposedly wrote a letter of tax indemnity, which guaranteed him a net salary, regardless of possible requirements. of the public coffers of Spain.

He has also revealed that other players, such as Bale, asked Real Madrid for a clause of "general tax indemnity", without getting it. This is stated in Football Leaks documents shared by Der Spiegel with European Investigative Collaborations (EIC) and of which it is a 'partner' infoLibre.

For his part, Cristiano Ronaldo left Spain in 2018 to sign for Juventus, in the midst of a complicated environment due to his pending accounts with the Spanish treasury, which were settled in January 2019 after going to Madrid to resolve a judgment of conformity. In it, the Portuguese striker ratified the pact he had reached with the Treasury months ago, in which he substituted the two-year prison sentence for the payment of a fine of 360,000 euros.

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