"In five races I will be better, I need time with the car"

Alonso left in Bahrain: "Being on the grid again is nice, for me it was a good day. It's a shame not to finish, but I'm already thinking about Ímola."


Fernando Alonso enjoyed his return to Formula 1, but wanted to finish the race and the problems in his Alpine did not allow it. He left when the rear brakes failed, although the batteries had already warned him before, which weighed down on the straights and forced him to lose several positions in the peloton. The Asturian attended the televisions after getting out of the car.

"I wanted to finish the race and it couldn't be, but we had some problems and in the end the brakes were the cause of abandonment, but before that we also had a problem with the batteries and on the straights I had to do a race on the wrong foot. It has also been a good day for me, from the hymn to the training lap. Being on the grid again is nice. It's a shame not to finish, but I'm already thinking about Ímola, "he said.

On his start and several overtaking: "It was all exciting, and those first laps fighting with the other cars gave me back my adrenaline, you have excitement and your heart beats a little faster. It is a pity not to be ahead and not complete the race, but maybe the points weren't possible today so if something had to happen, we learn from it and I will improve next time ".

What is missing? "I lack time in the car, all the drivers who have changed teams, such as Carlos, Ricciardo or Vettel, we see that you need time. Vettel has to get used to some characteristics of the car, Ricciardo to the brakes, he said, and Carlos also it will take time. In my case, it is multiplied by two and a half years, I can't say specifically which points I should spend more time on, but in five or six races I will be better than today ".

Photos from as.com
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