Ferrari Statement of Intent

The SF21 has not disappointed, it has changed in many aspects and is supposed to also evolve in what is not seen.


Ferrari already has its car for 2021. It was the last to arrive and, although not only for this reason, one of the most anticipated. Something logical considering that the Scuderia itself assumes to classify the previous season as disastrous, so it was a profound change to rectify the situation, as much as the regulations constrain the engineers. And the truth is that the SF21 has not disappointed, it has varied in many aspects and it is assumed that it also evolved in what is not seen, the power unit. John Elkann himself, president of the brand, appeared during the presentation to make it very clear that another year like the previous one is inadmissible and that nothing less than the honor of Enzo Ferrari is at stake.

It is an important message, what happened last season was almost ridiculous for those who are considered a symbol of the automotive industry and its highest sporting expression, Formula 1. Races, championships, are won or lost. But with dignity. No one is guaranteed success, evidence that does not exempt competitors from pursuing it with the utmost dedication, effort and perseverance. A challenge that they seem to have very clear again in Maranello, their failure credit has been exhausted and, at least, you have to fight bravely for the pride of an extraordinary company. The new car points in this regard in terms of design and evolution, now it only remains to trust that its creators have succeeded as expected. Very soon we will begin to get rid of doubts.

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