Ferrari prioritizes the car of 2022

Binotto confirms that, during the year, the factory's priority will be the 2022 car: "The change will require most of our efforts."


The Ferrari SF21 of Sainz and Leclerc will be presented on March 10 from Bahrain, two days before the pre-season tests begin at the Sakhir circuit. The first kilometers and its premiere in competition on March 28 will be fundamental to establish the prospects for Maranello during 2021, because the factory already warns that they will soon be turned on the 2022 car, under a wide change of rules that offers more areas improvement for the Italian team.

Mattia Binotto, Ferrari boss, underlines: "There is a balance, a choice that must be made at some point, but the change in 2022 is very big and requires most of our efforts." "It is important to see how the 2021 car performs from the beginning of the season, because it can be the performance that it maintains for the rest of the year," he adds. Therefore, the correlation between the wind tunnel and the runway will be "a key factor" .

This Ferrari strategy will be followed by most manufacturers throughout the season. For 2022, Formula 1 established an important regulatory change that significantly alters the aerodynamics of the cars in order to balance the grid and simplify the airflows generated by a single-seater, and that prevent another from following closely, complicating overtaking. The size of the wheels is also modified, among other sections, from 13 to 18 inches.

"I will travel at the beginning, then I will return to Maranello"

Likewise, Binotto assumes that he will not attend all the grand prix of the 2021 season because from Maranello he will be able to monitor the progress regarding the next Ferrari: "The calendar will be very dense in the second half and we have Many challenges for 2022. I will travel at the beginning, it will be important to check that everything works, but then I will return to Maranello to focus on 2022. From there I will also be in direct contact with the circuit, but we have a competition director, Laurent Mekies, who has a lot of experience and can lead the entire team. I am comfortable with this choice. "

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