Ferrari opens the telemetries

Sainz celebrates the "open book" for sharing data between him and Leclerc. The Monegasque also: "It is interesting to see him when he is in the car."


Among dozens of questions about the performance of the Ferrari SF21, Carlos Sainz will have the most serious contact today to check both its adaptation and the capabilities of the car. After long runs, correlation work between factory and track and other needs of the team, the Madrid native will have the qualifying and race simulations in the last pre-season session. The fastest laps will come, although neither the engine will go full throttle nor the fuel load will be binding, just as tire degradation will be studied. Yesterday he was sixth in the morning session and in the afternoon he gave the wheel to Leclerc, who also finished sixth, although in his case he did simulate qualifying.

The teammate should not be the enemy, but is always the bar. The relationship between the two Carlos will inevitably be defined based on who is in front of whom. The Monegasque starts with a three-year lead in Maranello, but Ferrari insists that the priority now is to make the SF21 a good car, not to weigh its two drivers. And they agree.

Leclerc opines: "Carlos is a good guy, I have never spent so much time with him until now. He is very talented and it is interesting to see the data how much he is in the car, and to compare it, although it is difficult to compare because the conditions change a lot between the morning and afternoon. I am looking forward to being in the car at the same time as him to compare (the data) correctly. "

In this sense, Sainz is in favor of sharing telemetry, a practice that he has also fostered with his arrival in Maranello: "I have brought to Ferrari that spirit of talking to each other, opening the book of secrets and trying to improve the car. I have more to learn from Charles, I will use his data more than he uses mine. But he also has the book open, not closed, as in other teams, and I hope we can learn from each other ".

Carlos Sainz gains muscle

The Madrilenian chatted virtually with a group of Spanish media and spoke about his training. His physical change in recent months is striking and Sainz confirms it: "I have gained a lot of weight, I hope muscle." He changed his diet and routines during confinement a year ago to enhance muscle-building, and the change "has helped physically and mentally."

He also clarified his motivations when getting vaccinated against coronavirus in Bahrain, like a large part of the paddock and the pilots: "I decided quickly, I do not take the vaccine from a Spaniard who needs it more than me and in this country there are plenty of vaccines, so I don't I take it from someone in Bahrain. I do myself a favor and I also do it to the countries where we will go, we are a bubble of 3,000 people traveling the world and if we are going to visit countries, they will be more happy to receive us vaccinated. "

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