F1 and MotoGP team unite on DAZN this season

The streaming platform, DAZN, launches the programming of this season of Formula 1 and MotoGP. With Pedro de la Rosa, Àlex Crivillé, Lobato, Ernest Riveras ...


The DAZN platform presented the 2021 Formula 1 and MotoGP season. This year, the return of Fernando Alonso to the F1 circuits can be seen on DAZN F1 and on the Movistar + channel. In the presentation were, virtually, Fernando Alonso and Joan Mir, in addition to the team of commentators and narrators who are usual in the races.Veronica Diquattro, head of DAZN in Spain, wanted to highlight the work of the platform in 2020: "The COVID-19 pandemic has put us to the test, but we have made a virtue of necessity and we have managed to improve in all areas: creativity, in content production and, of course, with the best sports broadcasts ".

Antonio Lobato, Pedro de la Rosa, Noemí de Miguel and Nira Juanco were also present, as representatives of the channel's F1 team: "I think it's easy to convey emotion when something fascinates you as much as cars fascinate me. 15 years doing Formula 1 and in some way, in this scenario (DAZN) there is a bit of the history that has been accompanying F1, with Noemí de Miguel, Nira Juanco and there is also this older man (laughs) with whom I have been It has had such a good time lately, (Pedro de la Rosa) I think we have an exciting year ahead of us and this is a bit of a preview of what 2022 is going to be like. Everything and we will be able to see interesting battles. Now, we have an exciting year ahead of us. This year is a dream, with Carlos in Ferrari and Alonso back, "said Lobato.

In MotoGP, the presentation featured Carlos Checa, Àlex Crivillé, Ernest Riveras and Izaskun Ruiz. "This year we are going to especially enjoy equality, with capital letters, taken to one more level," said Izaskun Ruiz. The voice of the motorcycles, Ernest Riveras, said: "They call him 'the bald man of Formula 1' (Lobato), and they call me 'the one with the motorcycle glasses'. It will be a sensational season and we are We are delighted that it is coming. When the year ends, we want the bikes to finish, we want to get home. But when January arrives and we are smelling it ... This year there is the addition that Marc Márquez returns, then this will to give an even more point of tension to a championship where we are seeing a bit of guard relief in recent years. Pedrosa, Lorenzo, Dovizioso have left, but Rossi holds up like a champion ".

Photos from as.com
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