Espanyol, at the most critical point in its sporting history

The club tries to escape the unprecedented tessitura of not going up to the first, that Espanyol B drops two categories and that the Feminine leaves the elite.

Now that the economic burdens of a lifetime –which on more than one occasion endangered the viability of the club– seem banished, Espanyol is going through its sports section, directed by Francisco Joaquín Pérez Rufete, for a critical moment, which is already founded Not only in the losing streak of the first men's team, but it also transcends their other two flagships: the subsidiary and the Women's A. Together, the three teams link a whopping 15 days without winning. And what is worse, they are moving away from their respective objectives, with the very present threat that they may obtain the worst balance of results in the history of Espanyol, which is said soon.

What of Vicente Moreno's squad is already like groundhog day, by dint of repeating itself. In Anduva, against Mirandés (2-2) he chained his third consecutive draw, after those harvested against Sporting de Gijón (1-1) and Oviedo (1-1). Markers who ruin that of which adding is always positive, because in reality it seems insufficient for a team in need of finishing among the first two classified to go straight to First, always pending that their direct rivals fail. Before those three draws it is true that Espanyol linked two victories, against Mallorca (1-2) and Sabadell (1-0), but at that moment they also came from a draw and two defeats. It should be remembered that, although the parakeet club had been seen before in the Second position four times in its 120-year history, it always rose to the first.

A Espanyol B still acquires more tragic tints, due to the small margin it has left, which has gotten into the well of this season's experimental Segunda B almost without realizing it. He is ninth in Group 3A with 20 points, five already behind the seventh, which marks the minimum salvation, when only two games remain at stake - and one of them, the next, against Nàstic de Tarragona, leader -. It has been four days since the Parakeet subsidiary has won: it drew against Llagostera (1-1) and lost against Badalona (0-2), Cornellà (4-3) and Barcelona B (0-1) .

In case of not reaching that seventh place, José Aurelio Gay's team would seal its first relegation of the season - from the current Second B to the new RFEF Second Division, to two categories already in Second A - and another league would be played for not landing in Third, which would mean playing for the first time in its history not the fourth but the fifth category of Spanish football, due to the new competition system established by the Federation.

And if the subsidiary dives into unexplored territories, Female A has never ceased to belong to the First Division, now First Iberdrola. But, after his defeat last Saturday at the hands of Santa Teresa (1-2), he has fully sneaked into that area, fifteenth, with 18 teams, and one of the permanence.

In his case, there is still time to reverse the drama, with the 12 rounds of the rest of the rivals ahead and one more, a pending match, which can give him wings. But for that you have to win, something that the Blue and Whites have not achieved for four days, which have lost against Athletic Club (3-0), Rayo Vallecano (2-0), Real Madrid (4-1) and Santa Teresa. . Crucial weeks ahead. For the future of the season. And for the history of the club.

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