Espanyol, against its part of war and a liberated Oviedo

Pedrosa sanctioned, Raúl de Tomás, Óscar Gil and Vadillo are more than reasonable doubts. Ziganda, on the other hand, recovers troops. Obligation before opportunity.


Even data, which seems so categorical, is often relative. Espanyol adds seven points out of nine, who feel the gun on their temple of having to beat Oviedo today after last day's draw against their arch enemy, Sporting. The carbayones accumulate the same streak, thanks to which, however, they feel liberated and ready to strike on the first visit in their history - and that this confrontation was for years a First Class classic - to the RCDE Stadium (follow the game in direct at .

If even the figures are interpretable, imagine what will not happen to the sensations. Efforts have had to be multiplied this week in the perica infirmary, more populated than ever, with the addition that when playing on Friday the margin of recovery has been lower than usual. Added to Pedrosa's absence due to sanction is uncertainty. On the one hand, with Raúl de Tomás, who already missed the visit to El Molinón due to some discomfort in his right knee and who would arrive today for a few minutes at most - although that strategy, in the Tartiere was worth him to solve the match with his first two goals of the season. Dimata has all the numbers to repeat from the start.

There are also more than reasonable doubts Óscar Gil - the only right-handed winger available after Miguelón's serious injury, so Lluís López would go to the band - and Vadillo, set apart during the week and very just for this clash, decisive to stay in direct ascent zone.

The opposite is experienced by Ziganda, who led Vicente Moreno at the beginning of Mr. Perico's only season in Primera - 2008-09 with Xerez - and who recovers Mossa and the experienced Tejera, both absent against Zaragoza due to suspension, while that Borja Valle could sneak into the starting team for the first time since he arrived in the winter market.

Even with changes in the line-up, Oviedo will maintain its rocky team spirit with the aim of poking its head in the area closest to promotion. And there would be no greater coup of authority to boost oneself than a victory against Espanyol, playing without complexes, as the dressing room has been warning all week. Sensations, numbers. Obligation, opportunity. All depending on the color with which you look.

KEYS Expectations

Espanyol aspires to stay as it is, because victory would not give it the provisional leadership either. And Oviedo, to maintain their aspirations to get into the promotion.


If the withdrawal of Raúl de Tomás is confirmed, which will not be from the game, the parrots lose to a reference but they compensate with a more combinative game.

Valle option

The Berciano, who landed in January in the Tartiere from Dinamo Bucharest, aspires to a place in the eleven for Nahuel, who has lowered his benefits.


The youth squad returned to the starting position against Sporting and his was the excellent pass that started the action from 0-1. His dynamism in the midfielder is basic.


He was the hero last day against Zaragoza with the winning goal, so tonight he repeats as a reference in the attack of Ziganda's.

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