Emery: "We should go out thinking that this is 50%"

The Villarreal coach does not trust the two-goal advantage that his team has against Dinamo, so he asks "to continue what was done in the first leg and not give any advantage."


Unai Emery does not trust the two-goal advantage that his team has against Dinamo, so he asks "to continue what was done in the first leg and not give any advantage". What's more, he admits that "those two goals from Kiev give peace of mind, but there are 90 minutes left against a good rival." For this reason, he is clear that they must "think that the tie is at 50% and play with the seriousness and respect that the competition and the rival require."

Match plan: "The objective is to give continuity to the work we did there, we already know their individual capacity and their danger to counterattack. We already knew how to manage the match with control of the ball and without giving them the opportunity to dominate the match. We must go out to win the game, respect them, and be aware that we must go out and play in the line shown in the first leg. We have casualties, some enter and others leave, but we must adapt to it. Rulli is injured by the blow on the face he received there, he adds to the casualty list. "

Continue with the streak of results: "The idea is to continue in the line of the last games, the team's trajectory has been good, but after this not-so-good streak these two games have arrived that certify it. Now we must continue like this In this game, in a competition in which we have managed to win every game at home, but it is true that in the league it is costing us more. In this game we must continue in that line, with the idea of maintaining the level and the game of these games to continue with confidence ".

Winning with more solvency: "It is true that we have managed to add victories but with adjusted games, we have suffered to win and we have not done it with an advantage in the league. We have missed games for this reason, it is something we must improve and we would like to do so .

They will come to play their tricks and complicate us, but we have the advantage of the first leg, which helps us. We have not won it, we must go out without confidence and go out to win the game. It is true that we would like to win the games with more solvency, but in this game we do not need that much advantage, it is the good thing to have achieved the advantage in the first leg ".

Not relaxing and being competitive despite the advantage: "We came from a tie against Salzburg in which we had to work a lot with an advantage, they complicated us a lot, and we already have that example for this match. We have a good result, but we know that we must follow the line of the match from there, analyze the rival, respect him and from there play a serious game to decide the tie in our favor ".

The second game remains and we must respect our opponents: "The tie is always even, the result gives an advantage but there are 90 to be played. Being a favorite is shown on the field. We know what they are capable of doing, so we must give continuity to what we have done, to do it at the same level if we want to pass this round ".

Possible changes in the eleven: "The line of this season has always been to align the best team, get an eleven that can give the best level and we continue with that idea. We are at a key moment and it is a pride to be able to go to the quarterfinals, for what we will get an eleven with the idea of giving continuity. Only physical problems, if any, can make us change the eleven ".

Alcácer: "The individual situation is marked by the results that give confidence, in the case of the forwards they will be better when the team is able to supply the forwards with balls. I ask the forwards to work as they are doing. Paco In Kiev he played a great game but he didn't score, it's something that will change, what's more we put it in a team context, if the team grows, the goals will come. I believe in creating positive synergies in the group so that they are transmitted individually. "

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