Embiid, ahead of Harden: "It's the most unstoppable I've ever seen"

Sixers general manager Daryl Morey praises his current franchise player and avoids talking about the former: "I can't say his name anymore.


It's hard for Daryl Morey to bite his tongue. He made it clear just over a month ago, when he assured that, for his Sixers, anything that is not winning the NBA will be a failure. He only retains the odd word when their consequences can lead to much more corrosive fates than a simple (for him) negative gaze from public opinion. "I get in trouble when I say things like this," he confessed to Howard Beck in his last interview for Sports Illustrated. But he says: "Embiid is the most unstoppable thing I have seen in my life. And I have seen a lot. You know who I have seen", sentence. And he reinforces it with the last game of his star in hand, Philadelphia's victory over Utah, the duel between the two Conference leaders: "He faced Rudy Gobert at eight feet and ended in a dunk. And (Gobert) he is an incredible defender. And he had no response, "he argues.

Morey landed this season in Philadephia, after thirteen years as general manager in Houston, where he built one of the most fearsome teams in recent memory. In the Rockets, as the top guru of advanced statistics, he only missed the decisive part of the season, the playoffs, in three years. Four Conference semifinals and two Finals were its ceiling, a barrier that took shape, mainly, from the greatest modern dynasty: the Warrios of Steve Kerr, Curry and company. Under his management, lacking a ring for the matriculation of honor, he had top-level players, with Harden as the most recent champion, but with several Hall of Fame in his notebook: Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady or Dikembe Mutombo. Ahead of all of them, as ahead of La Barba and his multiple teammates, such as Chris Paul, is where Morey puts his current franchise player. "I've never seen anything like this," he reiterates.

Embiid, who had 40 points and 19 assists against the Jazz, is one of the great MVP candidates. Surely the strongest. Together with Jokic, he leads a kind of revolt of the pivots, who have not won the award since 2000, with Shaquille O'Neal, and is a show of rebellion in the middle of a changing NBA that, a priori, does not generate the best ecosystem for its characteristics. He doesn't care: he averages 30.2 points (his career high) and captures 11.6 rebounds. Given the adverse nature, in addition, Daryl has generated an ideal bubble: Al Horfod, Josh Richardson or Glen Robinson III left and Dwigth Howard, Seth Curry or Danny Green arrived. The last two, perimeter snipers, the missing pieces from the combo with Ben Simmons. "We have a formula for a team that can win the title. It's very exciting. Obviously, business can be miserable, so it's also important to celebrate when things are going well. That said, the eye is on the award, and the championship is the objective ", he repeats again for the American publication. It does not back down. He is not afraid. Still not biting his tongue ... barely

"I can no longer say his name (Harden)"

The mega step of the season, Harden's arrival in Brooklyn for the formation of the big-three, is the only thing that makes him measure his words: "I can no longer say his name, apparently "he declares, referring to his former franchise player. His heartburn comes from a $ 50,000 fine with which the NBA sanctioned him in December. The reason, a seemingly harmless tweet, in which he recalled the moment when Harden, under his tenure, had broken the record for assists in Houston, beating Calvin Murphy. The organization led by Adam Silver, amid rumors that James was already out of the Rockets, and with the Sixers as one of his possible destinations, understood the publication as tampering. Morey appealed that it was an automated tweet, but to no avail. He had to pay ... and La Barba landed in Brooklyn.

"It's annoying. I'd rather have all the good players, so it's probably annoying. But you know, I think for everything else I can say I will be fined," he limits himself to declaring about the new superpower of the East; although, surely, I watch them from the corner of my eye. They have become, and continue to do so, one of the main obstacles towards their goal, and the new monster that can push them towards what they consider a "failure"; but he prefers to focus on his own. After praising Embiid, whom he always accompanies by the names of Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris, he also has a welcome word for the franchise's new coach: "I don't think it's an accident that everyone, Joel, Ben and Tobias, are having their best years. I think one of the many strengths of Doc (Rivers) is getting the best out of the players. " His formula.

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