Eduardo Garcia ceases to be president of Unicaja

Eduardo García has resigned from his position as president of Unicaja where he has remained for eleven years. The entity will decide shortly the name of the substitute.


Eduardo Garcia has submitted to the Board of Directors of the entity his resignation as president of Unicaja, a mission he has carried out for eleven years. The note provided by the club explains the following. “After his retirement last August, Eduardo García continued to lead the club in this season so complicated by the pandemic, but he has decided that now is the time to step aside, so that the board of directors and the next president they can get involved as soon as possible in the planning of the next season. ”

These eleven campaigns make Eduardo García the longest-serving president in the club's history. In this time, Unicaja has remained in the elite of national basketball and has always played European competition. His best sports memories are the Eurocup title that the team won in the 2016-17 season or the 2020 Cup final. He also turned to generate resources for the club and with the quarry, the remodeling of the Los Guindos pavilion and imposed of the women's team. Until a new president is appointed, García will continue to serve.

Farewell letter.

Here is your farewell letter.

Good afternoon everyone!

The passage of time is inexorable. After 11 years at the helm of a Club like ours, the time has come to step aside and retire. I am 66 years old in August of last year, in the midst of a pandemic, and that was when I left my duties at Unicaja Banco, becoming a retiree. However, I remained at the head of the Club, given the delicate moment that was being lived both in the Club and in sport in general and in society. Now that the situation seems to be improving and the prospects for the future are more promising, I think it is time to leave office and dedicate myself to my family and friends for as long as my health and life allow.

I have waited for the meeting of the Board of Directors today to present my resignation since, as a commercial company, the annual accounts for the year 2020 had to be approved with their corresponding audit of accounts, having been formulated. On the other hand, I believe that it is the right date to start planning the next season and it should be the Board of Directors, headed by its President, who design the Club's near future with the invaluable support of its sole partner, Fundación Bancaria. Unicaja.

I am not going to do an analysis of the time that has passed, in which there have been good, bad and regular moments, and in which we have swam with two unprecedented crises, a first economic and the second economic / health. I believe that the Club as an institution has advanced in its modernization, still having an improvement path.

Finally, I want to have a moment to thank you. First for the institutions that have supported me, the Unicaja Banking Foundation, which recently renewed me in the position, and for Unicaja Banco, which at all times has provided me with affection and my dedication to the Club.

Secondly, for my colleagues on the Board of Directors. Thirdly, for the entire FAMILY of the Club, all professionals from their different administrative, sports, management functions…. They are an asset of the Club that has a busy day to day.

I would like to record the support received from public institutions, the Malaga City Council, the Andalusian Government, the Malaga Provincial Council and the Benahavís City Council, invaluable in these past times and for which I earnestly ask to continue supporting our Club that has been, is and will be flagship of our city, province and Community.

I also appreciate the support received by sponsors and companies that have been with us even in difficult moments. Finally, I want to leave our fans a message: without your support there is no future. When we return to normality, I hope you continue to support our Club, our team.

Thank you all! Goodbye!

Eduardo García

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