Durán Ensino suffers the blue cyclone of Perfumerías Avenida

The women from Salamanca break the duel in the second quarter. Samuelson was the best: 23 points and a PIR of 24. In the semifinals, the Spar Girona.


Solid encounter of a Perfumerías Avenida that prolonged its undefeated condition to be able to reach the semifinals. A first goal achieved against a Durán Maquinaria Ensino who stood up, but could not overcome the scoring explosion of the main stars of Salamanca.

Samuelson puts the color to the game during its first minutes (17-12)

They knew very well after the experience acquired in the Queen's Cup last year that their match against Perfumerías Avenida was not going to be far from easy. Perhaps for this reason, the Durán Maquinaria Ensino jumped onto the track ready to offer its most competitive image from the very beginning. A passion on the track that served Carlos Cantero's team to be able to add the first four points of the night with which to be ahead on the scoreboard (0-4). But the command of the game did not last long for a Lugo team that managed to wake up the Salamanca beast, represented by a Katie Lou Samuelson who added her first points of the night to turn the tables in her favor (11-6). With that inertia, things began to paint a different color for a blue team in which the solid defense began to do a lot of damage to its rival (17-12) .

Generosity and offensive talent to break the game (21-8)

She had been the main protagonist of the first quarter and Katie Lou Samuelson did not allow relaxation during the start of the second act. Because, with two consecutive triples from the North American, Perfumerías Avenida began to open a gap on the scoreboard (25-14). An outstanding work that shared the limelight with the pick and shovel work of the always infallible Leo Rodríguez who was able to contribute to both sides of the track to lead the assessment of his team (34-18). It was difficult for Durán Maquinaria Ensino to penetrate the rival ring with a few minutes in which only isolated actions by Aleksandra Stanacev and Helena Oma could disturb a Perfumerías Avenida that soon put the direct towards its maximum income on the way to the changing rooms through a Hayes thrown (38-20) .

Durán Maquinaria Ensino begins to give way (11-25)

The meeting had little history during the second half given the mentality of an Avenida Perfumerías that knew how to escape from relaxation. This was constantly requested from the side by a Roberto Íñiguez who was able to spur on his players by awakening, among others, the scoring instinct of a Tiffany Hayes that put the direct towards victory. Durán Maquinaria Ensino kept trying in every possible way, but the first problems with personal fouls and the greater wardrobe of his rival further complicated his objective. Because in Perfumerías Avenida nobody wanted to miss the opportunity to contribute and, far from it, a Leo Rodríguez whose weight in the game was beginning to serve to notably increase the differences (63-31) .

The final honk certified the pass to a new semifinal (19-20)

Arrived the last ten minutes and despite the fact that the match had already been decided in favor of the Salamancans, Durán Maquinaria Ensino starred in a last effort with which to entertain his hobby. A last quarter in which they were able to beat such a tough rival to go home with good feelings. A clash in which Perfumerías Avenida certified the pass to the semifinals in search of a new victory (82-51) .

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