Drummond will play for the Lakers

The pivot will help the Angelenos defend their title. The Spurs have taken Dieng and the Bucks, who were looking for a point guard, are going to sign Rivers.


One of the great open secrets of the buyout market is about to be official: center Andre Drummond will sign with the Lakers until the end of the season. The Angelenos were the favorites to take a player who has not been on the court with the Cavaliers since February 12. In Cleveland they decided that their center of the future is Jarrett Allen, who arrived in the James Harden operation in Ohio and who took Drummond, more veteran and in the last year of his contract, from any future plan with 28.7 million to collect this season. The center will forgive the Cavs around a million euros to sign with the Lakers for almost $ 800,000, the prorated portion of the veteran minimum.

Drummond is, in the conditions in which he arrives, a very good reinforcement for the Lakers. Of course, he has not been the star he promised and many times his numbers have been above his real incidence in the games, weak in defense despite his imposing physique and uncomfortable in an era of basketball that does not fit his characteristics. But a Drummond with a star salary (the Pistons gave him 130 million for five years in 2016) and a main player role that turned into a minimum contract as a situational resource for the playoffs is different. In addition, Frank Vogel is one of the best defensive coaches in the NBA and joining with him could help a lot to Drummond as happened to Roy Hibbert or last season to a Dwight Howard who resurrected his career in LA

Drummond (a 2.08) is still 27 years old. He was number 9 in the draft in 2012 and spent eight years in Detroit, during which he was a two-time all-star and world champion with Team USA in 2014, in Madrid. His career averages are 14.6 points, 13.8 rebounds and 1.5 blocks. This season in 25 games with the Cavs he went to 17.5 points, 13.5 rebounds and 1.2 blocks. He has entered the Best Third Quintet once and in four of the last five seasons he has been (his great specialty) the NBA's top rebounder.

The Lakers lost after winning the ring to JaVale McGee and Dwight Howard. They signed Marc Gasol and Montrezl Harrell, and they were pending to add one more piece for their internal rotation. In the playoffs, it must be remembered, Anthony Davis plays many minutes as a center, but in certain pairings (as in the last final in the West, with Dwight Howard and Nikola Jokic) it is convenient to have players of different profiles. Drummond has the physique necessary to provide muscle to some Lakers who pull a lot of him in Vogel's defensive systems. In the last hours the Nets and Knicks had been erased from the race for him but the Celtics were tightening. The Lakers, which LeBron and Davis implicated, were days ahead of them.

Sunday's day has resolved the future of two other players who had agreed on their buyouts as well: center Gorgui Dieng will play at the San Antonio Spurs, the team that cut a LaMarcus Aldridge who ended up with the Nets, and Austin Rivers, who did not was in the Thunder's plans, he will be the backup point guard that the Bucks were looking for.

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