Doncic strokes another triple-double to propel his Mavericks

The Magic suffered Doncic, Brunson and all their teammates. The Mavs, eight out of ten, are already above 50% winning.


The Mavericks are on the right track. It has cost them and now the negative for them is that the All-Star stoppage arrives and the streak will cool, but they fully enter the fight to be in the final series of the Western Conference when just a month ago the outlook was between gray and black. In Orlando, they took advantage of the circumstances well, as they did in Brooklyn at the weekend, to get another victory away from home, the eighth in the last ten games, which they did not necessarily have at the beginning of the season. The Magic have been left with an almost entire season cut off with the injuries of Isaac and the growing Fultz and the little reaction capacity of their squad despite having an All-Star member, Montenegrin center Nikola Vucevic. You have to make use of the situation in your favor.

Luka Doncic was the most successful of the night, even leaving frivolities in the form of passes but remaining one of the triple-double: 33 + 10 + 9. Jalen Brunson is growing by his side, who finished with 24 goals, reaching a level that he had hardly explored in these three years. The collective effort on the two tracks of the track, both to contain the rival and to score 130 points, favored the Mavericks' options. Doncic got back on track with Chasson Randle, his former teammate at Madrid, and suffered the most serious Carter-Williams game in a long time, with 18 + 8 + 6.

The Mavericks came to have advantages of fifteen points in the fourth quarter and controlled well the final reaction of the locals, who did not put them in real trouble. Steve Clifford, coach of the Magic, complained bitterly that in recent years they have managed to contain great stars of the League but have not known how to do it, so far, with Luka Doncic, who has celebrated his birthday with a new victory .

The distance did not exceed ten points for the local side in the first minutes, in which they walked better than the visitors. The desire they put on those who were going to have the worst night, for example Richardson and Hardaway, were the yardstick for Dallas. You can see another sparkle in their eyes and another way of facing the games, as they are now showing. In minute 14 they were already above.

Doncic was already giving an exhibition of passes, with actions even of four against one in which he gave it from the back, but he also scored his own. With two triples in a row, one against Vucevic and another against Fournier almost nailed (step back from the left area and more than eight meters), he gave his team another advantage.

Only two pitches by Frenchman Fournier before the break held the distance, which was already gone when the teams returned from the break. With the Magic already pulling only the individual quality and Porzingis as an impulse, it was the moment in which Doncic proposed to take the final leap and conquer the game. The distance was set to 18 in the absence of half a quarter with another pass down the Slovenian's back and only the makeup remained, although that final distance of four is misleading.

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