Doncic smashes Kawhi

The Slovenian, unleashed, takes revenge for the defeat the other day, with controversy included, and overwhelms the Clippers in a display of talent and power.


In one of these repeated matches by a very strange schedule, the Mavs and Clippers were playing in Dallas just two days after they had played for the first time. In that duel, with only five free throws attempted by the locals, there was a great deal of controversy and cross statements that ended with Luka Doncic protesting and even threatening to roll something of a greater dimension at a press conference. The Slovenian rightly decided to hold back and wait. After all, revenge is a dish that is served cold, as they say. And with someone who casts such a large shadow, the assurance that sooner or later you will see something formidable is assured. Both the star and the franchise had wounded pride and were clamoring for revenge that has come in the form of a beating before one of the contenders for the title, with one of the best players in the NBA in their ranks (Kawhi Leonard) and who are fighting in the top of the West for more honorable positions than the Mavs, who continue in their tireless fight for the playoffs. And there, in all that mess, the figure of Doncic has emerged again. And in a brutal way.

The Slovenian responded to the strange and controversial clash the other day with one of his biggest displays of the season: 42 points, 6 rebounds, 9 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks. The series of shooting, magnificent, with 16 of 28 in shots from the field and a very good 6 of 11 in triples. And 4 of 5 in free throws, the same that the whole team had the other day (in total, today, they have been 12). The +/- of the Slovenian was +28, and his regularity in scoring was fantastic: he scored 11 goals in the first, second and last quarters, while in the third he added 9. He showed one of his best defensive versions of the course, he found his teammates with ease and made his 4 losses, the only negative part of the duel, disregarded in favor of bigger flourishes. An exemplary response from one of the best players in the North American competition, something that he has demonstrated practically since he landed in it.The Mavs, by the way, had a duel at the height of their hero. They received 29 points in the first period, but entrenched themselves behind in the next three, in which they only allowed 22, 20 and 18 points. At halftime they were already ahead (77-71), but they did not sentence until the last period a game that had 11 changes of leadership, five draws and a slightly misleading result at the end, for being too bulky for what was the development of the night. Of course, the defense of Rick Carlisle's team dried up the Angelenos, who shot with 42% in shots from the field and 28.1% in triples. And in the last quarter, Tyron Lue's men experienced a journey in the desert that was reminiscent of the previous game, but in the other direction: no free kick. Of course, there are things that slightly increase the level of satisfaction. Above all, when you see that the opponent has experienced the same impotence as you a few days before.

In addition to Doncic, the entire Mavericks quintet passed 10 points. Tim Hardaway reached 15 (3 of 7 in triples), Maxi Kleber at 12, Kristaps Porzingis had a double-double (11 + 13) and Josh Richardson 14, in addition to great defensive moments. The Clippers, for their part, watched as Kawhi lengthened that streak of weird game he's in, listless and off, and scored 20 points without much fanfare. The forward added 7 rebounds and 7 assists, but failed to be the differentiator. Paul George did more statistics (28 + 7 + 5), but he did not appear too much at the end (just 6 points), a defect that has been accompanying him for too long and that is not encouraging in the face of a playoffs that are getting closer and closer without that the Angelenos finish making the final leap, with which they threatened at the beginning of the season but which has remained, for the moment, in an unfulfilled promise. We'll see how that looks, but for now they have witnessed Luka Doncic's revenge. With display included, of course.

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