Diego Martínez: "Jorge Molina and Soldado are two examples"

Diego Martínez was happy for this new demonstration of survival of a Granada that never gives up despite the casualties and trips.


Adverse circumstances. “The conditions were tremendous and we have achieved a very good result. We started the delivery very well. It has cost us a lot more, we have had phases. I thank all the players who have forced to be here and have endured all the minutes when under normal conditions they should have participated less or should not have participated directly ”.

Match analysis. “A victory and a clean sheet against a great team like Molde in the round of 16, where it is always difficult and there are always alternatives. They are very fast, but we have been true to our values. Although there have been better or worse moments, but that context in which we arrived gives more value to victory ».

Tiredness. “We will see how we recover for Sunday. Tonight is to be enjoyed. Winning the first leg of the round of 16 at Los Cármenes is to be very satisfied »

Jorge Molina and Soldado, scorers. “Energy may be lacking, but above, experience no. They have been two great goals. They are an example on and off the field. When I heard Roberto talking about Jorge at the press conference, as a coach it was emotional and exciting. They are an example professionally and personally. ”

Eliminatory. “We are the same as at the beginning. This is the first part. It is very difficult to pass in a tie and next Thursday we are going to a very beautiful field (Budapest). Enjoy this victory. The only thing we have is to live from day to day and survive every moment. ”

Photos from as.com
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