Diego Martínez celebrates 1000 days at Granada. "Is awesome"

Diego Martínez, who celebrates 1000 days in charge of Granada, does not wrinkle despite the numerous casualties. "We have an exciting tie," he said.


1000 days since coaching. Three full seasons. "I did not know the data. Paco Ceballos (club press officer) has told me about it. It is impressive, and more with the background. I am proud, especially for my fellow travelers. Living this with these players, those of today and those of before, in addition to the technical team, is what fills me the most. The human factor and the personal bond, affection, which is cultivated on a daily basis in a demanding climate, which has its difficulties. Hopefully this helps us grow together. We have an exciting tie. We must maintain our identity, our best version. Compete to the fullest. ”

The Mold. “It is a team that in the previous tie was very competitive, supportive, managing the moments of the tie. People who fight back well, fast on the outside. It adds difficulty that his League uses other types of records. In his group he played good games with Arsenal and played a previous Champions League match. It is a strong team, with a good physical level. He is in the eighth of the Europa League. It is so. ”

Eikrem, his most outstanding player. “I don't just focus on Eikrem, who is a good player. He has a great goalkeeper, good bands… I can't do the whole list. I highlight that player but the important thing is his group. It is a good team, in short. Like us, it stands out for its collective. Both Molde and Granada know that the important thing is to do many things well. There is no favorite. We are newcomers and they come from a great career. ”

14 official matches more than El Molde. Will it affect? "I do not know. I think the determining factor is that you face a strong opponent in the round of 16, because both teams have done well to get here ”. Possibly the easiest summons of my life. I have eleven outfield players from the first squad, with three of them not knowing their availability; three of the subsidiary, because we cannot summon more; with three goalkeepers in addition. I want us to be competitive. I don't change for being at home watching the tie on TV. I want to experience this with these fellow travelers. ”

Jorge Molina. “It is at an extraordinary level. What he is doing is tremendous. El Molde is a team that in the previous round was competitive, supportive and knew how to manage the times. In his group he has played good games against Arsenal. It is a very strong, competitive team with a physical level. ”

13 first team players available. Midfield. How are you going to put it together? “I don't know how I will solve everything. It is clear that those who leave will do well, respecting the idea of the team. I hope I have those eleven available from the field, knowing that you have to think about the changes. The tie is 180 minutes, plus possible overtime or penalties. What I am clear about is that there will be moments for both teams in these games. You have to go out and win in any circumstance. ”

Haaland and Norwegian talent. “The Haaland case is there, it is very good. I did not like this Tuesday because I obviously wanted Sevilla to pass, but he is a great player. Norwegian teams are very competitive, they export players to leagues that are not so well known, but are important. They are very professional. There are many in the Premier. They have talent and attitude. It is the same thing that I value from Soldier or Molina; footballers who go beyond the technical and tactical, in terms of hierarchy, contribute things to the growth of the club. Norway is also exemplary in this. ”

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