Dallas wins with great merit in Denver and sends another warning

The Mavs won on their visit to the Nuggets. Streak cut for Denver. The duel between Doncic and Campazzo, more failed than that of Porzingis-Jokic.


Good feeling from the Mavericks. They begin to move away from the extreme dependence of Luka Doncic and that could not be more positive. There is a team, there is camaraderie and the idea that Rick Carlisle has in mind begins to develop. Beating the Nuggets is no small feat, but doing it when the Colorado team arrived at the appointment with five wins in a row has another point in favor.

Falling against the Thunder without Doncic and Porzingis was a setback and something that remains unclear, since they enjoyed rest coming already rested from the break and perhaps it was thought that without them they could also win, but the good sign for Dallas is which is something that has been left behind. Not only are the European all-star couple performing well, so are other players who were receptive before the start of this new season. Jalen Brunson and Josh Richardson are standing out in recent games and the Mavs appreciate it like eating. The team took the game (103-116) with all four, also helped by Powell, Kleber and Finney-Smith, standing out at Ball Arena.

The offensive work was very good for the Mavericks, but the defense is what contained. The Nuggets are in great danger if their players are plugged in and, in this case, the opponent did not let them. The first quarter was trial and error until the pairings stabilized, for example, Facu Campazzo started harassing Doncic and ended up changing when he saw that it did not have all the effect that Mike Malone expected. The gap widened to twenty points in the second and third and all hope for the Nuggets died.

Kristaps Porzingis was the most successful of the match for the Texans and it is a double victory also personally, not only for this but for achieving it against one of the candidates to be the best player of the season: Nikola Jokic. He was not intimidated by the Serbian, shining even in defense, and he won the duel and served for the Mavericks to add another one won game. Under his leadership, endured by not having Luka Doncic his most enlightened night, the team was a team and aspires to continue being so. It remains in eighth position in the West (20-17) but with the intention of climbing more places if this trend remains intact.

The key was in the first part of the game. As the minutes passed, Mavs were better placed on the court, stopping the offense of some Nuggets that stand out in that facet. Barton or Jokic were the ones pulling the cart. They put Doncic, already with the first changes, Campazzo on him. It was not the day of the Slovenian, but an apparently fierce duel between two ex-teammates who know each other very well even spurred something on Doncic despite having the Argentine as a fly ball for a few minutes. The pairing even changed after seeing that it did not work for Denver's interests. It was right there where the game was broken into two halves: that of the slowdown and that of progress. Porzingis further opened the gap by trading stocks with Jokic and the third quarter was the finishing touch.

In a short rotation you can't have two players as bad as Millsap and Murray. Counting on JaMychal Green continuing to pick up the pace, even more so. Nor did Campazzo and Dozier help. Not enough shots came in by the Nuggets and the exit of the substitutes in the last minutes did not serve for anything other than to slightly clean the score and little else.

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