Curry sinks

The Clippers ran over Stephen Curry, who put up a horrible shooting performance. Kawhi, with 28 points, was the best of the game.


The Warriors are in trouble. The situation is not yet desperate, but Steve Kerr's team is one victory away from the playoffs and it seems that it is neither moving forward nor backing down. Now I would dispute the play-in, an award that knows little in a team led by Stephen Curry and that has people like Draymond Green on the court, two timeless players who have been an essential part, along with Klay Thompson, of the formation of the last great dynasty in NBA history, one that led to three rings and five Finals in a five-year period in which basketball changed. And yet, there are the Warriors, fighting not to be left behind, far, as seen against the Clippers, from the top positions of a West that without Klay is too big for them, and with Curry monopolizing an attack of which he is master and sir but on whom his teammates depend a lot, who do not know what to do when their great hero fails miserably, as has happened against the Angelenos: just 14 points, 6 of 16 in field goals, 1 of 8 in triples, 2 losses and a ignominious -19 with him on the track. Little more to add.

The star, of course, was well defended by Tyronn Lue's team, which has an increasingly visible identity and continues to add victories while going unnoticed, manage breaks differently, cause rivals to enter their game and enhance capacity Distributive of Kawhi Leonar and Paul George while they wait for a base that will have to arrive before March 25 (the deadline) ... or will not arrive, at least this year. There will be the key of the Los Angeles team, which has improved and is a clear candidate for the title, but will have to overcome in the same Conference some Jazz that are a mixture of the Spurs of 2014 and the Warriors of 2015, some Suns already on the rise. The Lakers, of course, that older brother with whom they have a pending account in the form of a confrontation, the one they did not have last year. The same does not matter and the same does not ... But, whoever comes out alive from such a war, that of the West, will have to face each other with the one who wins from the East. And the Nets, right now, scare the whole world. And with all merit.

The party had no history. The Warriors only endured the first period, lost by 14 in the second and received, in the third, 45 embarrassing points to the exasperation of a Curry who asked for more from his teammates without luck. The 45-25 of that quarter was shameful, with the Warriors shooting below 40% in field shots and with 20% in triples, by 57.5% and 70% respectively, something that certified what was already before. knew: that the game was sentenced and the Warriors are, right now, a net team and completely worse than some Clippers who are to other things and had Kawhi Leonard as master of the game: 28 points (with 10 of 17 in shots and an excellent 5 of 7 in triples), 9 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 steals, a +27 with him on the court and an innate ability to lead from silence on both sides of the court and be, at the At the same time, the offensive and defensive reference of a team with the wickedness of a champion but which still lacks something to be so.

In addition to Kawhi, the Clippers again contributed everyone. Serge Ibaka finished with a spectacular double-double of 16 points and 14 rebounds, Nicolás Batum converted 8 points in just over 15 minutes, Paul George did a bit of everything (17 + 7 + 5 + 3) and finished with a +32 , the best +/- of the night, Marcus Morris scored 9 points and Lou Williams, constantly improving, lengthens the good moment of form that he already showed before the All Star to score 14 points (+ 3 + 3 + 2, with 5 of 7 in field goals), in just 14 minutes. And in the Warriors, little thing: in addition to Curry, five other players achieved double digits in scoring, but most came to them in the garbage minutes, of the last period, and with the game more than sentenced. Draymond Green finished 12 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 1 and there was a little of everything ... and a lot of nothing. The Warriors are going to have to push in a fight for the playoffs that is already fierce and will have to suffer until the end to get it. And they will have to do it with the awareness that Curry cannot be at the same level every day of the season. Problems at Golden State, which are still without carburetion when there are fewer and fewer games ahead. Of course, it would not be convenient to give them up for dead. Let's remember they have Stpehen Curry. There it is.

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