Curry's display in the 3-point contest with a final shot only possible on a Martian

Stephen Curry needed to beat Mike Conley's 27 points and he did it with suspense. He put in the last tricolor to win and the ball did not even touch the net.


When someone wants to play, it shows. Mike Conley was marked in the face as soon as he stepped onto the court at State Farm Arena. Called at the last minute about the dismissal of Devin Booker, he was also seen with a ticket to the NBA Triples Competition. The relationship of the Jazz point guard with the All-Star has been tortuous for the last ten years and even when his team has become the outstanding leader of the League with him as a guiding beacon, they have left him out. He wants to try this experience and make the most of it even if there is no audience. In the triples, a weapon with which he annihilates many rivals, he wanted to get away. And he did. But not even like that. The All-Star is not going to be your thing even if you bet all your money on it.

Green stage by request of the sponsor. It came to the hair for an alien like Stephen Curry, who was the one who was proclaimed champion. He snatched the victory from a Conley who was already celebrating with his teammate Donovan Mitchell, also a participant, in the last shot. Where it hurts. But Curry, who had performed six times and had only won one of them, also wanted a title that seems to be in his DNA.

In the first round, the most misguided was Jaylen Brown, who played poorly over time and was more concerned with finishing all the balls than with getting them. 17 points for the Celtics forward. His teammate Jayson Tatum went after and improved him, reaching 25 points. With the face of few friends, Zach LaVine remained even though he reached 22. Donovan Mitchell would also do 22 later, but neither of them would advance to the final round. Mike Conley was already the second best, same position as at the end, of the first half by scoring 26 points. The one who closed the first cars was Stephen Curry and he already gave a sample of how motivated he was: for him that sample was directly breaking the total record of the test, surpassing the 28 of Devin Booker (the absent one) in 2018 and leaving it at 31.

To the final round came something drowned Jayson Tatum. It stayed at 17. Looks like Brown caught it. It did not measure well. The duel was going to be two: Conley against Curry. The first one got out in the car with the tricolor balls, which are worth two, and put one of the balls that is worth three. 27 points for Conley. The second had to perform one of his miracles and it was done just after missing four of the five shots of his first car. He went to 28, putting the two balls of three and coming back as he has done on the tracks when he has been touched by the wand. A contained celebration, yes, but that would have been a real explosion of jubilation if there had been fans in the pavilion. The conclusion was impressive.

Curry won in 2015 and does it again in 2021. He succeeds Buddy Hield, the winner of last year's meeting in Chicago, in the list of honors with this victory.

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