"Diego Costa is a disgusting rat"

Ben Foster remembers his duels in the Premier against the striker now without a team. For the goal, facing the Spanish-Brazilian and Luis Suárez was a nightmare.


It has been almost four years since Diego Costa left the Premier, but they still remember him there. The Spanish-Brazilian forward did not leave anyone indifferent on the islands, after playing 120 games there. But as happened in Spain, it aroused mixed passions. You either love him or you hate him. The player that everyone would want on their team or whom no one would want as a rival. In this case, the second. This was expressed by Ben Foster in a talk on The Cycling channel GK.

At 37 years old, the Watford goalkeeper was asked about the player or striker with whom he disliked measuring himself the most and has had no doubts. Also, it has been quite clear. "It's a good question and it's Diego Costa because he was just a disgusting little rat," says Foster before giving explanations to this emphatic statement. "Diego Costa only limited himself to grunting and scratching; he did not leave you alone, he did not give you a second of respite", wields the goalkeeper who almost places Luis Suárez, curiously his replacement at Atlético, at the same height. "And you know what, Luis Suárez was a bit like that too. It was horrible to play against him, he would kick you, scratch you, do anything," recalls Foster.

Costa gained fame in England that also took its toll. Very marked at times, he was not exactly trying to avoid getting into the eye of the hurricane. As he has stated many times, it is his way of playing and because of what the coaches he has had also valued his presence. A forward who used all the means at his disposal to help his team. Foster himself recognizes it too. "They are just pure winners, I love that type of player. You want that type of player on your team. Animals!" He says just as bluntly. Foster spent many years at United and there he also met such players.

"I spent some time with Roy Keane and to be fair he scared the hell out of me. He was a scary guy, '' Foster added." Nemanja Vidic was also a little sick, honestly. I'd say Nemanja would gladly put her head on the end of someone's boot to prevent a ball from getting in. Yes, he's crazy, "explains Foster. Costa is now without a team, training in Brazil, waiting for someone to trust him again to take the last steps of his career.

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