Cole: "Pepe is still one of the five best center-backs in Europe"

Both the former footballer and Rio Ferdinand, commentators on the BT Sport television network, praised the Portuguese central's performance against Juventus.


Pepe's prodigious defensive performance during Juventus-Porto has not gone unnoticed in England. Rio Ferdinand and Joe Cole, commentators on BT Sport television network, raved about the 38-year-old center-back, who was one of Porto's most prominent players. It was erected as the mainstay of the defense and was insurmountable both on the ground and in the air. Cole praised his game: "Pepe covered the entire field and was impeccable with the ball. He is still one of the best five center-backs in Europe."

The passage to the quarter-finals of the Portuguese team had a lot to do with the great endurance that Sérgio Conceiçao's team had after the expulsion of their footballer, Mehdi Taremi. In these, Pepe brought out his great repertoire of skills, which Ferdinand also underlined with enthusiasm: "If I coached a team, I would take some excerpts from Pepe's game against Juventus and show them to the young centrals so that they can notice in the position, communication, attention and use of the body ", and clinched; "It was an almost perfect display in terms of space defense and this is something to show to the youngest."

At 38 years old, Pepe still has a lot to say and surely his experience will be fundamental for a Porto that wishes to become the revelation of the season in Europe.

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